Sierra Leone Tours

Bunce Island Fortress

Bunce Island & Tasso Island Excursion

Availability : October-June
This is a must see for anyone interested in the history in general and that of the slave trade in particular. You cannot hear the story of Tasso Island and […]
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Bintumani (Loma) Mountain – 4 days

Due to the terrain and from our experience in this area we would recommend that you head for the mountain via the Kabala Township and you will need at least […]
Tiwai Island Tour

Tiwai Island Heritage Trail – 3 days

Availability : October to July
The purpose of the trail was to create opportunities for Tiwai’s eight ‘host communities to generate additional income from tourism, attracted to Tiwai, an island on the Moa River that […]
White-Breasted GuineaFowl

White-Breasted Guinea Fowl Spotting

This is a 3-day birding watching tour in the Sierra Leone’s Principal Nature Reserve on Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary along the Moa River.

Picathartes Spotting – 3 days

This is a 3-day tour that takes you beyond the trails into a bush habitat, to see the White-Necked Picathartes and other Endemic bird species in the Western Area Peninsular […]
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