Tiwai Island (3 days)

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Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Kenema, Sierra Leone
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Embarking on a journey to Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary unfolds a captivating adventure within the heart of Sierra Leone’s tropical rainforest. As you traverse this verdant paradise, the gentle flow of the Moa River envelops you in a serene ambiance, heightening your senses to the vibrant sights and harmonious sounds that characterize this sanctuary.

Diverse and abundant, Tiwai Island is a sanctuary teeming with life. Here, amidst the dense foliage and towering trees, you’ll encounter an impressive array of wildlife, including some of the most diverse populations of chimpanzees and monkeys in the region – including including the rare and endangered Diana Monkey. Their playful antics and social interactions offer glimpses into the intricate tapestry of forest life.

However, it’s not just the primates that captivate visitors. Tiwai Island is also a botanical wonderland, boasting over 700 species of plants. From towering trees to delicate ferns, each contributes to the sanctuary’s rich ecological tapestry, creating a haven for both flora and fauna alike.

Among the sanctuary’s most elusive inhabitants is the pygmy hippo, a squat and mysterious creature that roams the forests under the cover of night. Found only in select regions including Liberia, Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, a chance sighting this incredibly rare species adds an air of excitement and intrigue to your journey through Tiwai Island.

With every step along the sanctuary’s winding trails, you’ll find yourself immersed in the wonders of nature, surrounded by the beauty and biodiversity that make Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary one of Sierra Leone’s most treasured gems.


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Depart Freetown for Tiwai Island, departing 8AM, taking an early lunch in Bo. Arrive at Tiwai Island c. 3pm, with time to rest at camp following transfer to Tiwai Island by boat from Kambama. After arrival and a bit of a rest, take a late afternoon/early evening boat trip up the Mao River in an engine-powered boat. Take in spectacular views of Tiwai Island and the neighbouring mainland, looking out for monkeys jumping between the trees, some 135 species of birds and, of course, the occasional crocodile and the very elusive Pygmy Hippo. For more details on Tiwai Island check on the link below: https://www.visitsierraleone.org/tiwai-island-wildlife-sanctuary/ In the evening eat dinner cooked by camp staff and rest at camp. Night walks can be arranged at additional cost.

In the morning, walk the forests of Tiwai Island accompanied by a local guide, experiencing the thrill of tracking the 11 different species of primates, 135 species of birds and some 800 species of butterfly, as well as the footprints of mammals such as mongoose, wild pigs and that Pygmy Hippo. Not to mention the incredible plant life. Departing after an early lunch, take a boat back to the mainland and explore the fascinating culture and heritage of the rural villages of Kambama and nearby Nianiahun (20 min drive), including sites of traditional sacrifice, meeting points for the rituals of village elders, birth ceremonial sites and the ‘blood stream’ hiding place for the knives and weapons of ancient warriors. In the evening take a stroll into the forest to watch for monkeys, birds and gaze at the treetops. Eat dinner cooked by camp staff and rest at camp. Night walks can be arranged at additional cost.

In the morning, relax at camp or rise early to take a stroll into the forest to watch for monkeys and birds, with binoculars at hand. After your walk or at a time convenient to you, depart Tiwai Island and head to Freetown via Bo. If you wish, you can have lunch in Bo, before continuing your journey to Freetown.


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Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Kenema, Sierra Leone
From: $650,00


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