Airport and Freetown are separated by the Sierra Leone River and there are reliable boat services to facilitate your transfer over to Freetown.

There are two main fast boat transfers from the airport. Sea Bird Express and Sea Coach Express. Our recommended option is the Sea Coach Express as they are most experienced with the widest fleet of boats, but it is your decision which mode of transfer you choose.

Other option

Spending the night at Lungi ​

As most of the flights arrive in Freetown after dark, it may also be advisable is to spend the night at Lungi before continuing on to Freetown the next day. Have a look at our listed hotels in Lungi if this is your chosen option.

There are several options for crossing this waterway

Tip: Arranging your tickets in advance can reduce the amount of time it takes to get you out of the airport.

Water Taxis

The water taxis are slightly bigger than your average speedboat and run on dual engines. Sea Coach Express and Sea Bird Express offer this service. The ride is sometimes bumpy so you must prepare yourself for that. Price is $45 with journey time around 30 minutes. These services can all be booked on our website here. You can select other options when booking, such as  airport assistance, securiport tax, private vehicle from airport to dock or vehicle pick up.

Private chartered speedboat

Arguably the most fun way to get to Freetown. Journey time is around 20-30 minutes. Both water taxi companies also offer boats for charter and are probably your best option if you want to use this option.


The ferries operating from Kissy and the government wharf are the cheapest option of all is to take the Ferry to Freetown but it is certainly not the quickest option neither the most convenient. This is how most Sierra Leoneans travel. Our least recommended option as you could experience significant delays.

By road

It is possible to drive between Freetown from Lungi (3+ hours) through Port Loko, but this makes more sense if you are heading up country rather than to Freetown. Or if you really wish to avoid the water crossing. Keep in mind that it might prove difficult to rent vehicles from Lungi, so it is advisable for private transport from the airport be pre-arranged.