Airport Transfer

Book in advance

We recommend booking the boat transfers in advance to avoid hawkers. The tickets do not cost extra. Lamin, our staff at the airport will have a sign with your name and your tickets waiting for you. He also helps with immediate requirements such as currency exchange or mobile sim cards.

Onward transfer to your hotel

Do you need to be picked up and transfered to your hotel on arrival? Select the “Pick up” option when booking and we will send a private vehicle to transfer you to your hotel.

Lamin Sillah aka Tanco VSL

Lungi Operations Officer
Lamin Sillah (Lungi Airport Operations)

Lamin is in charge of all VSL operations at the airport and has been doing this for over 10 years. He is experienced, pleasant and professional. He is also known as “Tanco VSL” and meets our guests on arrival.