Gola Forest National Park (3 days)

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Gola Rainforest National Park, Kailahun, Sierra Leone
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3 Days

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The Gola Forest stands as Sierra Leone’s largest expanse of lowland rainforest, representing a crucial bastion for the conservation of endangered wildlife within the country. Renowned as the most extensive tract of closed-canopy, lowland rainforest in Sierra Leone, Gola Forest beckons as a haven of unparalleled biodiversity.

For avid bird enthusiasts, Gola Forest is a veritable paradise. Recent bird surveys conducted by Klop et al (2010) and Demey (2011) have revealed an astonishing 294 species within the project zone alone, contributing to a total of 327 species—a figure that ranks among the highest in the Upper Guinean Forests region. Among these avian treasures are flagship species such as the White-necked Picathartes, Rufous Fishing-Owl, White-breasted Guinea fowl, and Gola Malimbe.

However, the allure of Gola Forest extends far beyond its avian inhabitants. Visitors have the chance to encounter a diverse array of mammals, including the iconic Upper Guinean Red Colobus, the Western Pied Colobus, and the Diana Monkey. Additionally, the forest offers sightings of small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, freshwater fish, and a myriad of plant species, promising an immersive experience in the wonders of nature for all who venture within its verdant embrace.


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In the morning we drive from Freetown to Kenema, departing 7AM. Breaking for lunch in the grounds of the PastoralCenter, Kenema while guide picks up National Park permits. We then drive from Kenema to Lalehun, arriving Lalehun c. 3.30pm. Rest at Lalehun Lodge, soaking up the tranquility of the surrounding forest. Take a late afternoon stroll into the forest, should you desire. In the evening we will be welcomed to Lalehun with the traditional Devil Dance of the Gola people, with dinner.

Option 1 (particularly for keen birdwatchers): -Arise early and enter the forest to observe the many endemic bird species in Gola at dawn. Rest at the lodge for the remainder of the morning, departing after lunch c. 2pm to arrive at the large White-necked Picathartes (Picathartes gymnocephalus) colony (10 nests) in time to observe the birds returning to nest (16km round-trip, c. 5 hrs inc observation time). Dinner at lodge. Option 2: -Depart the lodge c.9am. Enter the forest and walk the to the African Buffalo Field, for the chance to see African Buffalo and duikers. Take in, also, the ancient gravesite of Gola chiefs, and hear the many medicinal uses of the trees and plants. Return to the lodge for lunch and rest through the afternoon (c.12km round trip, 4hrs with observation time). Dinner at lodge.

Rest at the lodge or rise early and enter the forest to observe the many endemic bird species. Take breakfast and depart Lalehun by 9am, journeying back to Freetown with lunch taken at ‘sweet’ Bo.


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Gola Rainforest National Park, Kailahun, Sierra Leone
From: $650,00


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