Pickett Hill

Pickett Hill

Pickett Hill, situated in the Peninsula near Waterloo, Western Area in Sierra Leone is a 855m (2,805ft) mountain rising above sea level and the highest peak in Freetown

Yawri Bay

Yawri Bay has rich tidal mudflats and mangroves, which are home to tens of thousands of birds for a third of the year. It supports a major local fishing industry.Location of Yawri BayFound on the southwestern coast of Sierra Leone, this bay is about 60km southeast of Freetown. It is bounded by the Ribbi, Bumpe [...]

Kangari Hills Forest Reserve

The forest reserve at Kangari Hills is home to an important forest wildlife community, including forest and savanna dependent birds, chimpanzees and elephants.Location of Kangari Hills Forest ReserveThis reserve is located in the Kunike and Bonkolenken Chiefdoms in the Tonkolili District, Northern Province and the Valunia Chiefdom in the Bo District, Southern Province. It occurs [...]

Kambui Hills Forest Reserve

The Kambui Hills Forest reserve, which is found in the southeast of the country, is classified as a production forest reserve for the supply of timber to local and international markets. The reserve is situated on the north and south of Kenema town.Location of Kambui Hills Forest ReserveThe Kambui Hills Forest Reserve is situated in [...]

Tingi Hills

The Tingi Hills is the easternmost outlying forest in Sierra Leone. It has the second highest peak in Sierra Leone, the Sankan Birriwa. The scenic undulating nature of the topography and the rich game and plant diversity are attractive to visitors and scientists.Location of Tingi Hills Forest ReserveTingi Hills Forest Reserve is located close to [...]

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