Tokeh is a small coastal village settled on the Western Area Peninsula has one of the most beautiful beaches Sierra Leone has to offer. The long, white-sand beach stretches all the way to River Number 2 and the seawater is calm, making it a popular and safe spot to swim. Tokeh beach has a backdrop of lush, green mountains and the old wooden pier that runs into the sea make this place a visual spectacle.

For those who are looking for more diverse activities, Tokeh village has much to offer. The villagers live off fishing, trade and manual labor and are more than willing to let you have a peak into their lives. Join them on a fishing trip (both morning and evening), see how they smoke fish or have a drink with them in the Palmwine Bar. End your day by having fresh-caught lobster, barracuda or simply enjoy a coconut (with or without some rum) that one of the village boys has just picked from the palmtree.

From Tokeh you can take boat trips to Banana Islands, Turtle Island, Tokeh Island and York. Other activities include a hike through the forest, exploring River Number. 1 and observe crocodiles or visit the farms to experience real Sierra Leonean rural life.

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