The  Rogbonko Village  Retreat  is  an  initiative intended  to  generate  interest   in  rural  Sierra Leone, and to educate visitors and local people alike in the importance of traditional  values.

The Retreat is run by and employs local villagers and is an important  source of  revenue for  the community.  Income from  assisting visitors  and selling local produce and crafts  provides a vital addition  to  the  subsistence farming on  which most villagers depend.

Day 1. We will pick you up for the trip to Robgbonko which will take around 3 hours. You will stop in Makeni with your guide to have a look around this provincial town after which you will have lunch before setting off for the final hour to Rogbonko via Magburuka.

Day 2. Your full day in Rogbonko will be spent walking through the village talking to villagers and learning about how the local community operates. You have the option of taking short rides in a local dug out canoe, or walking through the farming fields.

Day 3. After breakfast you will have some time to interact with the local community to say your goodbyes before setting off for Freetown. There is no rush to leave first thing in the morning and you can take your time to do more of what interests you.