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Visa Application Information

All persons entering Sierra Leone must have a valid passport or travel document. Citizens of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) do not require a visa to enter the country, but citizens of all other countries do. Everyone needs a work permit.

We’ve made visas easy. With minimal input required from you, we can have a valid document ready for your trip to Sierra Leone. This is done through the Immigration Office in Freetown. Read on to find out how we can help.

The process

The process to acquire a landing visa is as follows:

  1. Scan your passport information page, and save it on your computer.
  2. Apply online filling all the details and attach your passport scan. You will be redirected to make payment.

The result

If granted, we will email the visa and receipt back to you as soon as it is received from the Immigration Office.

Please note:

  • Both these documents should be presented to immigration officials when you arrive at the airport.
  • The landing visa is valid for entry anytime within 3 months and for stays of up to 1 month. You can apply for extensions, multiple-entry and business visas when in Freetown or through the relevant High Commission or Embassy.
  • If you have not received a copy of your visa in five business days, please contact us immediately. However, make sure you go through your junk or spam filters first as well as any third party email filtering software. This is the most common reason for non receipt of visa.

Please contact us if your nationality is not listed.

Algerian77Apply now
American182Apply now
American (South)182Apply now
Angolan94Apply now
Asian77Apply now
Australian100Apply now
Azerbaijan100Apply now
Bangladesh77Apply now
Belgian107Apply now
British97Apply now
Bulgarian100Apply now
Cameroonian77Apply now
Canadian82Apply now
Central - North African77Apply now
Chinese74Apply now
Congolese77Apply now
Cyprus100Apply now
Danish100Apply now
Dutch100Apply now
Egyptian77Apply now
Eritrea94Apply now
Ethiopia94Apply now
EU Countries100Apply now
Filipino100Apply now
Finnish100Apply now
French100Apply now
German107Apply now
Gratis25Apply now
Hungarian100Apply now
Indian77Apply now
Iraqi85Apply now
Iranian85Apply now
Irish100Apply now
Israel100Apply now
Italian100Apply now
Jamaican25Apply now
Japanese120Apply now
Jordanian100Apply now
Kenyan25Apply now
Lebanese94Apply now
Lesotho94Apply now
Libya78Apply now
Malawi25Apply now
Malaysia25Apply now
Mauritius25Apply now
Middle Eastern94Apply now
Morocco94Apply now
Mozambican94Apply now
Myamar135Apply now
Namibian84Apply now
Nepali77Apply now
New Zealand100Apply now
Norwegian100Apply now
Pakistan77Apply now
Polish100Apply now
Portuguese100Apply now
Romanian100Apply now
Russian100Apply now
Rwandan77Apply now
Singapore25Apply now
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Swiss100Apply now
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