You’re on a trip to Sierra Leone to see what Freetown has in store for you. You will embark on a journey through Sierra Leone’s long beaches, resorts, and animal sanctuaries. You’ve outlined three places to visit. Black Johnson Beach with its luscious black sand and rustic housing, The Place Resort with its golden sand and exciting tourist attractions,and Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary with all the happy chimpanzees. Your trip to Sierra Leone has just begun.
Imagine this; you step outside your rustic beach hut after a nice sleep and breathe in the salty air. Your feet burrow themselves in the warm black sands of Black Johnson. After a two hour drive through the countryside you arrive at an area filled with tall grass. Someone guides you through the tropical forest to Tito’s Paradise Eco Beach. At Tito’s Paradise Eco Beach you can order amazing tropical drinks and fresh foods. You can also kayak or swim in the shallow body of nice cool water sheltered by large black rocks. Then the rest of your day, you can stay in a 4-star beach hut.
You arrive at a large lobby with people at the front desk. Decorative masks and seashells hand ceiling and walls. Someone will help you take your luggage to your room, You arrive at a room with four large sliding doors and a porch with a table and chairs. The luxurious rooms come with one bed, couch, closet, and bathroom. While at the resort you can go fishing on local boats, Beach hopping, visit Banana Island, hiking, running, and swimming. The rooms consist of beachfront, sea facing, and mountain facing suites. The fresh food, amazing service and mind-blowing location have attracted many tourists and gained five star reviews.
Finally you arrive at your third and last stop, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Tacugama was established to enforce wildlife laws and rescue orphaned chimpanzees. Tacugama cares for close to 100 chimpanzees on-site. They also help with wildlife field research and environmental stability. At Tacugama you get a chance to witness chimpanzees all over the forest. Orphaned chimpanzees are cared for until they are able to live on their own and get released. Whether they are up high or down low you get to see chimpanzees live their best lives after all their hardships.
Unfortunately your trip in Sierra Leone has come to an end. After visiting Black Johnson with its rare back sand, tropical foods, and rustic beach huts, The Place Resort with its modern suites, golden sand, and extraordinary service, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary with all the happy chimps, wonderful landscape, and loving employees, You know that Sierra Leone is a wonderful place for all ages to visit.
Sinkarie Sesay is the 11 year old daughter of Dr Fatu Forna and Dr Shekou Sesay, Founders of Mama Pikin Foundation. The Foundation’s goals are to help enhance, improve and otherwise positively contribute to the health and well being of mothers, children, and families in Sierra Leone, West Africa.