Deciding where to go get food is as hard as what to get when you’re there. If you’re looking to hangout at Lakka, then look no further than this post because we are going to give you the best three places to eat once you get there.
Lakka beach is one of the best beaches in the country, an absolute beauty throughout the year. The curved shoreline and calm waves invite sunbathing and swimming, but what we can’t and shouldn’t avoid, is how great the food is!

  • Lobsters (3 sizes)
  • Tiger Shrimps (they are really big)
  • Barracuda
  • Grouper
  • Snapper
  • Carpaccio
  • Crab
  • Octopus

All these go with a side of French fries and fried or plain rice with hot sauce.

  1. ‘Palm Beach Club’ is where you should wander If you’re a lobster fan. The chef took special pride in explaining his processes from selecting the right ones to his choice of seasons. He serves it with either veggies, fried/plain rice.

Price variations are determined by the size of the lobsters the range is from:
We advise you check out the Lobsters.
The Prices:

  • LE 300,000
  • LE 250,000
  • LE 120,000
  • LE 100,000
  1. ‘Lakka Beach Resort’ they admitted almost immediately that the Grouper is their best dish, it keeps their guests coming and asking for more. They claimed their seasoning is best in all Lakka! The fish is grilled and served with chips and fried rice with pepper sauce and vegetables.

If you want to test it yourself, the prices are:

  • LE 150,000 (for 2 – 3 people)
  • LE 90,000

The chef added that he takes freshness so seriously he catches the fishes himself!

  1. ‘Paul’s Beach Bar’

The most ideal for sunbathing, located right on the curve of the beach. With cushioned benches and thatch umbrellas. What keeps people coming back is the food, a menu of seafood and cocktails to keep you going like the splashing waves meters away.
I was invited to try their Barracuda served with hot pepper & lime with a side of fresh fries. It was served fresh, hot and within a reasonable time. Then I realized they weren’t playing when they told me people keep coming back for their hospitality and food. Not so bad prices, relaxing atmosphere is the perfect combo.
If you want to try the Barracuda and Fries the price is LE 65,000.
One of these three (3) places will definitely do the trick or go close to, no matter how indecisive you are.
Next time you visit don’t forget to budget accordingly. Now you know where to go for what. When you’re there don’t forget these restaurants have bars with large varieties and they make great cocktails, to give you an all-round Lakka hospitality.