The original Brookfields Hotel (originally referred to as “transit camp”) was set up over four decades ago its facilities (and grounds) have served as a disco, government ministry, a refugee camp, church, a site for the Truth and Reconciliation Committee (TRC), a holding centre for witnesses for the Special Court, and a school. Needless to say it took quite a battering in those years. But it seems no matter how circumstances want to make it a caterpillar, this hotel is determined to be a butterfly.
As it seems, no adversity can occur in Sierra Leone without a paragraph dedicated to the hotel, its reconstruction and opening was affected by the recent Ebola outbreak. During this period it was taken over for three months by medical charity MSF.
The New Brookfields hotel is now reopened to regular business and will be attractive to both corporates and tourists. Haja Jah, the very hands-on Deputy Manager recently returned to Sierra Leone after a couple of decades with years of experience rom working in the hospitality industry in the United States. She said: “I’m really excited to be part of this project, and I enjoy bringing a whole new -positive- experience to our visitors. I hope that in the not too distant future we can also help contribute to the development of tourism in Sierra Leone”. The hotel has been refurbished with a touch of class and would sit comfortably in any country. It is a great addition to existing hotels in Sierra Leone and will force others to raise their game.
The management appear committed to staff development and my visit coincided with a Food and Beverage training course being carried out by Bieito Muniz from VSL Training & Consulting Services. Bieito, a trained chef is originally from Spain has worked in five star hotels internationally. He noted “the attitudes of the staff during our training are great and their hospitality skills are extraordinarily improving day by day. The fact that the direction of the hotel is daily supporting and supervising our training demonstrates their commitment to the comfort of their customers as well as with the professional development of their staff”.
The hotel is a 2.5-kilometer taxi ride from the city centre of Freetown and offers 32 spacious, contemporary deluxe guest rooms with wireless internet, air conditioned rooms and Satellite TV. For their corporate clients they provide modern conference facilities and meeting rooms with high quality audio-visual technology.
This is a hotel that is determined, one that I am sure will be a success and will continue to be a part of – and make – Sierra Leone history for years to come. To me, this is the hotel that simply won’t give up, an inspiration for individuals and aspiring businesses alike. Once again the lights are on and the future looks bright for The New Brookfields Hotel.
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