Admittedly, Attiéké isn’t indigenous to Sierra Leone, but it has gained significant popularity and is often requested in this country with a vibrant culinary heritage. In the spirit of exploration (strictly for research purposes, of course), we set out to explore three restaurants renowned for their take on this delectable dish. Let’s dive into our findings:

Kings Bakery

King’s Bakery is a unique establishment offering a blend of lovely food and soul-soothing gospel music. They provide exceptional dining experiences, catering services for various events, a variety of cakes as well as classes for beginners and advanced learners. Among their offering is delicious offering of Attiéké.

Contact info: +232 76 777077/ (076) 533655

177 Main Regent Road Hill Station

Roof Garden

Roof Garden, specializes in an array of delightful dishes, ranging from flavorful fried rice and Attiéké to sumptuous options like roast fish, local chicken (country fowl), couscous, and goat. Beyond its diverse menu, the restaurant is dedicated to fostering community connections and crafting memorable experiences. In essence, it’s not just a dining destination—it’s a welcoming space to gather, socialize, and indulge your taste buds.

Contact info: 076634062

31A Wilkinson road, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Way Li

Founded in 2021 in Freetown, Way-li stands out as a versatile culinary destination, serving breakfast and lunch options alongside a diverse range of cuisines. This restaurant is tailored to meet the diverse needs of various people and events, with a mission centered on delivering quality, healthy, and affordable food with Attiéké among their popular options.

Contact info: 072 11 11 00

17 Rawdon Street , Freetown, Sierra Leone