Takako Tanaka
April 15, 2018

Thanks to VSL, I really had a great time in Sierra Leone.
Not only issuing visa but also transportation from airport to Freetown, Sea Coach, everything was organized very well.
I will use this company for next time again.
Thank you so much!!!

March 15, 2018

I have used their visa, vehicle hire and airport transfer services and I have been impressed by the level of professionalism demonstrated by all the VSL staff I have encountered.

Their prices are competive and fair.

I love the ease and convenience of their visa service.

Keep up the good work and maintain your high standards.

Lamar Kargbo
Law graduate
February 18, 2018

My experience was awesome. The service you provided was good. Still think there is a room for improvements. Such improvements could be a strong reliable WiFi connectivity for customers and a warm welcoming greetings from your staff.
Once again thank you for making my journey so relaxed.

David Nicoll
February 12, 2018

VSL's service is without equal in Sierra Leone, and pretty much essential for the first time independent traveller. The famous Tanco was great at the airport. Top rate company.

Makeba Magambo
Project Manager
February 12, 2018

I would like to say that your services were very professional and you had a very quick turn around time . I was highly impressed. I had no trouble with entry into Sierra Leone. I intend to use your services again and look forward to visiting again.

Isa Davies
January 8, 2018

An excellent experience and a most enjoyable day spent with a lovely group of like-minded Sierra Leoneans. The tour was well organised with a knowledgeable tour operator.

From start to finish we were well looked after and felt extremely safe especially at the end of the day when the tide was high, to be carried on to the boat by 'hunky men' was no mean feat!

Highly recommended and next time am encouraged to make the Bunce Island trip.

Job well done, a big thank you to all at VSL.


Tabitha Njuguna
November 20, 2017

My friend and I enjoyed the trip - everything ran smoothly. Emmanuel was so instrumental in getting me tickets- even when i had given up. And Abdul is so knowledgeable and a fun guide. I will definitely recommend VSL to my friends. Loved it!!

Director Swawou School
November 14, 2017

We used the visa service and airport transfer and had a car drive us around to Kenema and back. Through necessity our plans had to change and VSL were incredibly flexible and helpful. They worked with us to find bags that the airport had lost and were helpful at every turn. This was my fifth visit to Sierra Leone and the smoothest thanks to VSL.

mark satuloff
November 5, 2017

The VSL Visa process was by far the easiest, most efficient process in obtaining an international Visa I've ever experienced!!

Norah Stoops
HISP South Africa
October 2, 2017

Coming to Sierra Leone is a pleasure with the great service provided by VSL Travel. From the very prompt reply to my visa application, which gets me through Passport Control with minimal issues, to the very capable services of Lamin who provides all the support necessary for the water taxi transfer. I know all arrival details are sorted and if I have a problem, that will be handled as well. Thank you VSL Travel. You are a wonderful example of a great service company.

Alexandrs Ridout
October 2, 2017

A great service - quick and simple. Why use anything else?

Jennifer Cramer
June 30, 2017

Thank you to VSL for helping me with visa, flight, water taxi, vehicle, currency exchange, and accommodation needs! It made for a very easy and friendly first business trip to Sierra Leone. Looking forward to working with you again!

Bill Tod
June 23, 2017

I have used VSL's online visa service twice now and both times it worked perfectly and very quickly (the second time I received the visa the next day!).

Selina Richon
June 20, 2017

The visa was very easy to get. Everything went on fine.
Also, the Sierra Leone Embassy was asking a very expensive visa, whereas on the website I paid only 30€ (for Mauritian nationality)
When we arrived in Sierra Leone by land, we had some trouble at the border. We called Bimbola Carrol, who has been very, very useful. He talked to the immgration officer on the phone and it went all well. We then needed some recommandations when we were in Kenema, and despite the moment (a sunday morning) again, he has been very helpful.
I therefore highly recommend VSL, specially if you are travelling without any contact in Sierra Leone.

Christopher Fraser Dyson
Public Health Consultant
May 28, 2017

Rapid and Professional
Helping Sierra Leone get back on track!

Linnéa Van Wagenen
Linnéa Van Wagenen
March 31, 2017

I love booking things via Visit Sierra Leone. I have used them several times when I have had people visiting and it has always worked out well.

Scott Pederson
Scott Pederson
March 31, 2017
Thank you VSL, both services you offered were fantastic and extremely professional

Having recently travelled to Sierra Leone to visit family, I was greatly impressed with the service VSL offered, both in helping to obtain a VISA, and also in meeting us at the airport and getting us onto the boat across to the mainland.

Having to sort out a VISA for travel is a real pain – I certainly didn’t want to have to visit the Sierra Leone embassy in London twice. Thankfully VSL offer a fantastic service where by sending one email and paying the VISA fee, they will arrange your VISA for you. In the email you have to send a few details and a scan of the picture page of your passport. Easy as that! It’s done quickly and payment is secure, through PayPal. Within a couple of days we had our VISAs emailed back to us to print off. Perfect and no hassle at all!

The first time you arrive in Freetown you have to get a boat across the water to the mainland (a 30 minute journey). It can be a bit daunting after a long journey, as you will have a lot of people trying to get you to use their company in the baggage reclaim hall. Thankfully, VSL arranged for someone to meet us once through arrivals who already had our tickets. He walked us to the ‘Sea Coach’ terminal, ensured our baggage was put on the correct bus and also took us to the bus we needed to be on (it’s a five minute bus ride from the airport to the boat).

I can’t recommend this service enough, it put our minds at rest knowing that someone would be meeting us at the airport in the early hours and it was one less thing to worry about when travelling.
Thank you VSL, both services you offered were fantastic and extremely professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend both to anyone travelling to Salone!

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