Delegates from across West Africa, including the Minister of State, Foreign Affairs, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are set to commence a two-day Summit of the Knights of St. John International at the St. Anthony’s Hall in Freetown this morning.
This is the first time that the ancient and noble Order of the Knighthood in Sierra Leone is hosting such international event.
The summit is a regional forum which fosters the spirit of fraternity among members in the region, standardise practices of the Order in the region in line with the Supreme Constitution, and promotes the Order as a cohesive Christian international organisation in the different countries.

The summit benefits the individual members and the entire Order in the country and opens formal and informal channels of communication necessary for the growth of the Order, as members interact and get to know each other.
It also prepares the platform for information and advice to be freely given.
Knights of Saint John International are a charitable Catholic Christian organization operating in many Parishes in Sierra Leone and other parts of the world.
At present, there are 18 Commanders and 15 Auxilliaries in Sierra Leone.
The Summit will begin with a Holy Mass at the St. Anthony’s Church, Syke Street in