President Ernest Koroma has appointed and announced the much-awaited final batch of Government Ministers yesterday evening. There are some new faces in this new group also just like the last one. Of note is Dr. Matthew Teambo, the new Labour Minister who was an APC member of Parliament for Tonkolili district (Yoni chiefdom and its environs), and Tourism and Culture Minister Peter Bayuku Konte (a former Koinadugu local government official).

Other interesting appointments are Sylvia Blyden, publisher of the Awareness Times newspaper (Special Executive Assistant to the President), youth activist Ishmael Al-Sankoh (Deputy Sports Minister), former local government official from Kailahun district Augustine Nyuma Kortu (Deputy Labour and Social Security Minister), prominent women activist Dr. Harriet Turay and writer and political activist Karamoh Kabba (Deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs).