Partners in Relief and Development Sierra Leone (PaRD SL) at 3 Big Waterloo Street. Freetown has successfully led a consortium together with Cotton Tree Foundation (CTF), and Christian Community Development Programme (CCDP), to design and implement an integrated programme of employable skills by training 3,000 rural youth in eight districts across the country.  (Vulnerable rural youths in Port Loko getting education through PaRD SL and its partners)

The skills training is focused on value addition of processing Cassava, Rice and Palm Oil.  The project is jointly funded by the Government of Sierra Leone and the World Bank under the supervision of Integrated Project Administration Unit (IPAU) of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and the National Youth Commission.

Besides the consortium members, the project was implemented mainly through partnership with district councils and both private and public sectors of the economy.  Private training institutions and the MAFFS Agricultural Business Centres (ABCs) were engaged to train the young people in the project districts.