A song ‘Jesus I love you’ is among nine songs in a album title ‘ba lai tima’ a phrase in Mende, meaning ‘don’t listen to them’ done by a Sierra Leonean, Augustine Conteh, based in the United States of America, is to be launched in Freetown soon.
In an interview, Augustine Conteh aka ‘ Master Augie’ said I came into the art of music almost five years ago and I believe it was a calling from God because I was a science student, when I was going to school in Sierra Leone.

I also decided to go into music because of the love I had for the art.
Questioned about how he started his music career, Master Augie said “music has been like a second choice to me but it has been very difficult to enter, as salone music only made its breakthrough in the late 90′s. So when I had the opportunity of travelling to the United States of American in 2002, I was encouraged by my lecturer at the Westchester Community College of Liberal Arts and Science.”
‘I was compelled to write and produced songs, as part of a project. In my Arts University, when my Professor went through the songs, he encouraged me to follow that line, so I started writing songs.”


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