Arriving at Lac’s Villa, being greeted by this panoramic display of its eco-friendly landscape instantly informed me of the tranquil gratification I was bound to experience in their arms. At that moment, I realised why it is fondly dubbed, the-best-kept-secret-in-town. The lush tropical styled establishment has this instant surge of attraction crafted within its borders. Whether it is the rows of plantations molding the compound and walkways or the charming buildings with top-notch artistry, the spot is an ideal location for one to immerse themselves in absolute calm and euphoria.

Located at Cantonment Road, off King Harman Road in Freetown, Lac’s Villa has these peculiarities that rendered its difference from the others. A short walk from the gate to the front desk could be likened to a walk-in a utopian world where the ecosystem is perfect and intact. Birds would chirp as they float in the sky and leaves swivel from trees with the smooth dashing of cool breeze. The flourishing blooms and exquisite lodging layouts complete the grandeur and serenity of the scene.

The classic establishment is said to have been in existence for more than two decades and has a rich history of providing quality and personalised accommodation service to guests with both short and long-term stays. My short visit to the spot was received with a worthwhile reception that made bare the phrase ‘home away from home’. From the manager to the grounds maintenance, everyone was prompt, kind and friendly. Perhaps their small size gifts them that leverage but I like to think that such a welcoming attitude is just part of who they are and who they were since all these years (based on previous customers feedbacks). Their accommodation offerings include spacious and attractive bedrooms and apartments for long term stays with bright and spacious living rooms and kitchens with cutting-edge appliances. The establishment provides fast Internet service, air conditioning (In all its rooms) and 24 hours of power supply.

On each dayspring at Lac’s Villa, one is privileged to wake up to a complimentary tropical blast with continental or locally made breakfast against the backdrop of chirping birds. When the sun is at midpoint and lunch is at hand, or the day is shutting its fiery eyes, and dinner is upon you, the things on their menu are sure to serve you anything and everything fresh, satisfying and savory.  Most of the foods served are directly sourced from the ground. The establishment has its own garden where ingredients are readily plucked and used to prepare the food as per the customer’s request. Lac’s Villa Friday African Buffet is said to be the best in town. Ladies and gents from all angle flocked to have a share of their mesmerising array of Sierra Leone’s finest delicacies.
Besides playing host to stay-in-guests, Lac’s Villa also holds events such as conferences, workshops, happy hours, wedding ceremonies, parties, wine tasting nights, workouts and yoga sessions, fashion and creative exhibitions. This establishment is a tranquil and deeply relaxing place for someone to easily hide from the realities of the bustling metropolis lifestyle. It is the best secret that shouldn’t be a secret because everyone needs to experience the refreshing atmosphere and personalised care they offer to anyone who chooses to be a guest at this warm and beautiful establishment.