We got a chance to look through the new Aspen Medical Private Medical Clinic and we were very impressed. Among a variety of plan options, there is a 30 day membership plan for which could be ideal for short term visitors to Sierra Leone.
Located at the former site of the NACTIB New Life Hospital (located at 11A King Harman Rd, Bass St 3, Brookfields (https://goo.gl/maps/zv2GnKc2FH42), AMSL offers comprehensive primary care services, emergency care, laboratory facilities, and is fully integrated with Aspen Medical’s aero-medical evacuation (AME) network in West Africa.
You need a membership plan or private medical insurance from approved suppliers in order to benefit from their facilities.
The clinic is now accepting patients and clients interested in joining the AMSL clinic or wanting additional information should contact:
Elaine Sey – esey@aspenmedicalintl.com
Steve Guiney – steve.guiney@aspenmedicalintl.com
Nick McHugh – nickm@aspenmedicalintl.com