Couples looking to spice it up this valentine and singles wishing to self-love are presented with an opportunity to be a part of this year’s sunset cruise. VSL is excited to present another edition of our Sunset Cruise for February 14th, 2020 which leaves the docks of Aberdeen at 5:30 PM.
More details below, but first….
Why You Should Come
Everyone wants to be happy; we subconsciously seek our happiness in everything we do. What we eat, what we say, the friends we make and even the jobs we take. Though we agree the pursuit of happiness is a great equalizer, we admit we have different triggers and preferences. It is generally either music, food, quality time, nature, or exploring. Almost everyone ticks a box in these categories.
Freetown was designed for romance many say, with eye catching vegetation on sprawling hills like a jacket on a back. With a small concrete jungle that empties into the sea.
They say;

  • music is the only real time machine,
  • food is the way to the heart,
  • quality time heals the soul,
  • nature is priceless and,
  • those who explore books and/or places live a thousand lives!

They are even more valuable and beautiful when experienced with your significant other. Memories shared with people we love on memorable dates have the likelihood to bring up waves of nostalgia for the rest of our lives, that’s when we find ourselves smiling like fools as we mentally relive those moments, moments that are eternal stiches in time that we cannot put a price on.
Who You Should Bring?
It could be with your mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, son, partner or a friend. Pausing and making memories are all life’s about. At sunset the waters off the coast of Freetown are golden and the horizon is as picturesque as possible.

  • LE 600,000

Per person.

  • LE 1,000,000

Per couple.
This Covers:

  • Boat Ride – Maybe you’re an explorer at heart and rides on these romantic waters will give you thrills.
  • Great Food! – perhaps you’re a foodie and you can’t stop snacking.
  • Good Music – mood setting songs to paint the atmosphere full of love.
  • Cocktails – to keep you refreshed the whole time.

The cruise takes off from the docks at Aberdeen, skirts the shores of western freetown and heads east as it puts on display the Queen Elizabeth II Quay with its glorious lights that pierce the darkness.
Then moves to the west again and shows the ever-exciting Aberdeen Beach Night Life from without. All the time showing the hills with its lights like diamonds in the sky. A cruise that moves slow enough so your cocktails don’t spill but fast enough to keep the trip under 5 hours.
Things to Have Handy:

  • Bring a jacket; like emotions the weather takes sharp turns sometimes.
  • A camera or your phone, there will be many moments you don’t want to miss.
  • Dancing shoes and a smile – your favorite song might just drop.

To book a place on the cruise contact +23276877618, +23276258258, email or book online at