There are various ways of getting around Sierra Leone, from the convenient and pricey to the cheap and downright dangerous.

Vehicle Hire

For convenience, we always recommend hiring a vehicle while in Sierra Leone. This will give you a lot of flexibility in mobility, but vehicle hire can be pricey. We offer offer competitive rates for Freetown and provinces, request a quote now, book it and make that one less thing on your to do list to worry about.

Due to the bad conditions of some of the roads in Sierra Leone it is advisable to hire a 4WD if possible. Note this is not only for roads in the provinces but also in Freetown and the peninsula area.

Public buses

Government buses are available to all the major cities in Sierra Leone. You can now purchase tickets in advance


If you are on a budget, you can try chartering taxis for the day but be sure to choose by recommendation if possible basis expect to pay Le12,000 to Le15,000 per hour (approx $5). However, with this alternative you are unlikely to get a 4 wheel drive vehicle which you will need to go out to most beaches or out of the city. If you do not wish to charter the taxi you can use it on a shared basis with other passengers. The taxis operates various routes and you will need to make sure the taxi is headed in the direction you wish to go. Just ask the driver. You can also talk to your hotel about Hotel taxis.

Okadas (motorbikes)

For those in a hurry, on a budget and adventurous this is another option. These are recent addition to the streets of Freetown but they have been present in some towns in the provinces for a few years. They are quick and will cut through traffic but they are also dangerous! Okadas are still the most popular way to travel in all main towns in the provinces and they are also known as ‘Hondas’. Make sure you were a helmet.

Private Bus (Poda Poda)

If you are just heading into the city for a bit of shopping then you could hop on private buses otherwise known as poda-poda! They can be a bit of a squeeze but this mode or transport can give you a fascinating insight on life in Sierra Leone – from the view point of fellow passengers or the driver! Expect loud music and look out for amusing quotes on the front and back of poda podas.


Sierra leone is along the West Coast of Africa and the Freetown peninsula has some of the most beautiful beaches in the sub-region. Getting to some of the popular islands such as Bunce Island, Sherbro Island, Banana Island and Turtle Islands would require a boat. You could also use a boat to get from one beach to the other. Various types of boats are available from speedboats and river boats to big motor powered canoes known as “pam pams”. Make sure lifejackets are provided.