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tangains stall
Each December, the National Stadium hosts Tangains, a trade fair that can be seen as a microcosm of Sierra Leones’ entertainment and consumer culture. Tangains is a fantastic place to experience the vibrancy and liveliness of Salone culture. Tangains runs for the entire month of December and is open every day and night.
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Getting your leones - a guide
It can be a bit complicated to get your Leones and payment options are limited. Not many enterprises accept credit card payments and debit cards are almost useless. The best way to go around is to have Leones in cash that you either get through exchanging on the black market or withdraw from ATM’s. Black...
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Bafa Resort
Bafa resort at Banana Islands introduces the concept of ‘Glam Camping’ to Sierra Leone or ‘Glamping’ as it is also affectionately known. To the uninitiated, this means camping in luxury. By purchasing a Resort Access Pass you can get complimentary transportation that takes you from Kent Village straight to the little paradise that is Bafa...
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Yesterday afternoon, VSL successfully handed over items donated to the victims of the mudslide and flood by the VSL Community via our website. The items were donated to the ‘Pentagon Community’ which had been moved to a camp in JUBA HILL. The camp has 362 inhabitants but there is a verification process still ongoing. Through...
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An imposing structure along Lumley beach, in between the Aberdeen mangrove and the Atlantic, the Atlantic Lumley Hotel is impossible to miss. Sierra Leone’s newest high-end hotel is impressive. According to staff, the Atlantic Lumley Hotel is part-owned by a Hong Kong business man, and has 57 rooms priced from $198 per night. Each floor has four...
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The Mudslide
We have put up this page to facilitate the donation of items to survivors of the Sierra Leone Mudslide and Flood which occurred on Monday 14th August. Over 300 people have lost their lives with hundreds more missing and homeless. This is an alternative to sending cash and will enable you to decide the best...
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Mauritania Airlines
PRESS RELEASE  Dakar 27th July 2017. Mauritania Airlines commences flight from Dakar to Freetown The Sierra Leone Embassy in Dakar Senegal which is also accredited to Mauritania is pleased to inform the public and Sierra Leoneans that Mauritania Airlines will resume flights from Dakar to Freetown starting Wednesday August 2nd. Here are the flight details:...
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Sierra Leone Basketball players
The Archibald Red Flames were losing by 22 points with only a quarter of the game to play. The basketball court at the National Stadium was packed and hissing with noise from the crowd and the sound of pounding rubber soles and colliding bodies on the concrete. Due to foul trouble, most of the first...
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Sea Coach Express - Spirit of Freetown
Less than two years after we featured the new 72 seater Sea Coach Express boat, the company have pushed the boundaries yet again with the launching of their new “Spirit of Freetown” boat. The new Sea Coach express boat has a capacity of about 90 passengers with comfortable airplane like seats, air conditioning controls. This...
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Nina's Coffee
When it comes to Nina’s Coffee “homemade with love” is not just a marketing tagline; the stuff is literally brewed in the kitchen of proprietor Sylthea Redwood-Sawyerr. She plays music as she roasts the beans in small batches. Each batch receives the attention a mother pays to her family’s morning pot of coffee. Small roasting...
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