Falls around Tacugama
Apart from the sanctuary - Eco-lodges, hikes through the rain-forest, a community outreach program, bird spotting, yoga retreats and live Afro Jazz nights are just some of the activities Tacugama is involved with.
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It is said that in the late 1800’s, the widowed ‘Queen Nyarroh’ of Barri, fell in love with the Chief of Koya, who lived on the opposite side of the Moa river, behind Tiwai Island. As a gift of love, Queen Nyarroh gave half of Tiwai to the Koya Chief, so the Chiefdoms would share...
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Tacugama Eco Lodge
Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary situated outside of picturesque Regent Village, is only 30 minutes from Freetown.  Located along the Regent/Bathurst mountain road, this sanctuary for orphaned and habituated chimpanzees is a refuge for human visitors as well. Offering daily scheduled visits, as well as 6 eco-huts for overnight stays, Tacugama is the perfect place for those...
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