The Banana Islands lie southwest of the Freetown Peninsula in Sierra Leone. The Islands are about a 20 minutes boat ride from Kent, and offer good opportunities for snorkeling and fishing or if you fancy it, a canoe trip around the Island.
The Banana Islands are comprised of three Islands: Dublin, Ricketts and Mes-Meheux.
The Banana Islands are not called the Banana Islands because of their delicious bananas but apparently when the Portuguese, led by Pedro de Centra in 1462, first saw the little cluster of land, they decided the shape of our cluster of islands looked like a bunch of bananas — and the “Banana Islands” got their name.
Things to do on the island include fishing, snorkeling and swimming. Besides water activities you can also walk to Ricketts. It’s gorgeous and takes about 4 hours at a leisurely pace. You can also get to Ricketts by boat.
As trails might be overgrown it’s advisable that you are accompanied by a guide. The VSL Guide and/or the local guide on the island will ensure you do not lose your way.
According to Krio lore, a “lost leaf” grows in the forest. If you brush against it, you will lose your way.
If you love the forest, boat rides, birds, hammocks and the feel of being in a place stuck in time, you are going to love the Banana island with its laid-back lifestyle and old Krio settlements!