Despite being at the forefront of global headlines and driving significant change in Sierra Leone – Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary are still receiving and rescuing baby orphan chimps at an alarming rate. In partnership with the World Bank, the Office of the First Lady and Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Tourism, in 2019, the Western chimpanzee was declared as Sierra Leone’s ‘National Animal’ and the Ministry of Tourism confirmed the chimpanzee as Sierra Leone’s new face of tourism.
However, none of the above announcements mean anything if Sierra Leone’s National Animal which is listed as Critically Endangered is on the brink of extinction. There are currently about 5,500 chimps left in the wild in Sierra Leone – heavily threatened by deforestation, encroachment and bush-meat hunting.
Tacugama now cares for 93 chimps and are facing serious challenges and high costs associated with providing food, shelter and care for each chimp. They have decided to dedicate this year’s Giving Day for Apes (organised by ARCUS Foundation and the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries) to overcome this difficult stretch.
The goal is to gain at least 375 new guardianships. All funds raised from guardianships and all other donations, big and small, go directly to pay for the daily care of the chimpanzees at the sanctuary and to our conservation and education projects aimed at protecting chimps in the wild. Although fundraising is already underway – the final 24-hour giving day will take place on Oct 15th.
Your support can surely help Tacugama deliver a greater impact.