A resident of Freetown, Sierra Leone, Bimbola has more than fifteen years of experience in Sierra Leone’s business and investment community, and has held significant leadership roles where he has been responsible for innovation and growth across a number of sectors.

He is the founder and CEO of Visit Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone’s leading destination management company, and has been central in positioning Sierra Leone as an emerging tourist destination and creating economic, cultural and environmental opportunities for sustainable tourism across Sierra Leone. With a background in IT, marketing and ecommerce, he leverages his knowledge of digital transformation to deliver added-value to clients. He also connects African citizens of the diaspora who have traced their DNA heritage back to Sierra Leone to local investment opportunities and supports them on their quest for Sierra Leonean citizenship.

From 2017-2021, he served as the interim National President of Sierra Leone’s Tourism Federation, working with the Government of Sierra Leone, development partners and the domestic tourism industry to provide crisis management of the tourism industry through the COVID-19 pandemic and associated global economic challenges.

He is experienced at building successful partnerships across the public, private and international sectors in Sierra Leone having led and maintained relationships during study tours in Morocco, South Africa, Rwanda, and China, funded by agencies such as World Bank, and European Union to inform national strategic direction.

Through the real estate arm of his business (VSL PROPERTY), he advises clients across multiple jurisdictions on real-estate investment in Sierra Leone, with a focus on high-quality assets in locations with strong prospects for long-term growth.

He brings know-how and an innovative approach, as well as strong relationships built on trust and confidence and an essential understanding of local cultural differences to Sierra Leone’s complex and exciting entrepreneurial environment. This track record and extensive network within Sierra Leone’s business environment, makes him an ideal local partner for international investors interested in exploring Sierra Leone’s business landscape and unlocking new opportunities.

To relax he enjoys a good game of squash or hiking to some of Sierra Leone’s beautiful touristic sites.