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Get Bendy: Yoga Salone

Yoga is gaining popularity world-wide. Studios are popping up like mushrooms and a growing online community of yogi share their experiences through platforms such as YouTube. In Sierra Leone, yoga is becoming more known to the public as well. There is a growing number of teachers and practitioners, offering a variety of classes on dreamy […]

Romantic Sierra Leone

They say Paris is for lovers, we say Sierra Leone is for lovers. The country is a mixture of vibrant city life, tranquil natural surroundings, and stunning views

The Sunset Cruise

The Sunset Cruise takes you along the scenic Freetown bay as the sun sets into the Atlantic Ocean. This trip is ideal for getting different perspective of the capital whilst enjoying a cooling ocean breeze, local snacks, drinks, and good company.

16 room property in Aberdeen for rent

This is a building with multiple apartments with a total of 16 rooms, all en suite. There is a large event hall on the top floor. The price includes an independent 2 bedroom villa, and 4 set of rooms separately on the same premises. The property is ideal for residence/business/office/events. It is located in a sought after area with fantastic sea view and is very accessible.

The property is only 2 mins away from the Sea Coach Express service to the airport.

Price is negotiable.