4 Amazing Places to have a staycation around the Freetown Peninsula

They say the best vacation experiences are felt in the most improbable of places: home. Whether it involves going on few days trip to a national park, roaming the corridors of a historical site for the rest of your days off or spending quality time with loved ones at a fascinating lodging for several nights. There’s always something spectacular to be relished from a well-planned staycation.

A staycation could mean different things for different people but everyone could agree that it means, having a vacation somewhere very close to home. In the wake of Covid-19, many far from home vacation plans have been distorted. Hence, there’s no greater period than this for us to explore what’s nearest to us. So here are four distinguished staycation places within the Freetown Peninsula.


The Place Resort

There’s something to be said about The Place Resort. It’s explicit and classy prestige has been regarded as an instant charmer for the holidaymakers, the break-takers and the leisure-seekers. Located at Tokeh Beach, Peninsula Road, Freetown – The Place Resort is a full-service business & leisure lodging facility, housed at the seaside of Tokeh with access to a private beach.

Their secluded white sand beach has been the primary focus for tourists and locals alike. They offer a wide range of services and amenities which typically includes entertainment and recreational activities for all guests. The self-contained establishment with 50 chalets all equipped with private desks, offers privacy for all its guests. The Place Resort provides for most of a vacationer’s needs while remaining on the premises (accommodation, food, drink, sports, entertainment, etc).


The Place’s 50 Chalets provide guests with a seating area where they can enjoy a sea view from the ocean facing rooms. The rooms are fitted with a private bathroom that comes with a shower.

The price for a room per night and the rooms categories are as follows:
Beach Front Premier Suite Le 2,500,000.
Sea View Superior Suite Le 2,000,000.
Mountain View Junior Suite – Le 1,500,000.

The Place does not have twin rooms. Children below 11 yrs can accommodate in the same room as the adults. However, having an extra bed comes at a price of Le 3,300,00 per room night.

Food and Drinks options

Having a staycation at The Place comes with a smooth sense of warmth. Each morning, you’re greeted with a soothing breakfast and as the day advanced with lunch and dinner, the menu offerings will leave you stunned by the varieties of delicious cuisines to choose from. They have an all-inclusive buffet breakfast at the cost of Le 150,000.

Some of their popular dishes include:
The Place House special burger Le 120,000
Dessert – Chocolate Fondant. Le 60,000
Lobster and Chips – Le 195,000
Barracuda and Chips – Le 130,000

The Drink Menu includes the following:
Star beer – Le 20,000
Heineken – Le 25,000
Single shot of brandy – High end “brandies” only; Cognacs & Armagnacs- Le 40,000 – 45,000
In-house infused cocktails Le 60,000
(Bananatini, Pineapple Mojito, Lemongrass caprioska, Pinacolada)


There are many activities to do at the resort. They have all the attractions of a beach including an atmosphere that makes one mentally escape. If you and/or your family are the sporty types, there are sets of outdoor activities like volleyball, football, and beach hopping activities for kids and adults. If you and/or your family are the adventurous types, there are sets of adventurous activities such as Jet Ski rides, Catamaran sailing, Banana Island trips, a Boat ride of Tokeh beach, Fishing, Hiking. Some of these activities come with an additional costs.

Some of the benefits of booking at The Place Resort are that the guest finds not only the proximity to the beach but also an all-around service within the premises. It is convenient for families, honeymoon, business or even if one choose the resort as a just a getaway destination.


Saful Resort

Saful Resort has branded itself as the go-to-place, where one is bound to experience the steady bashing of a relaxed atmosphere that is ideal for couples and families. It’s a comfortable staycation destination. Fixed on the shores of Bureh Town, Bureh Beach, Saful Resort presents the perfect opportunity for everyone to relax and unwind.

The resort has a lot of space for its guest to find their own private place and truly enjoy the experience of a beach getaway. The establishment has 3-miles of beautifully stretched sandy beaches, with a wonderful mountain backdrop. Their accommodations are comforting and there’s an abundance of seafood, drinks and lists of calm activities to excite one’s stay. They say it’s hard not to take it saful “easy” at Saful Resort.


The structures at Saful Resort were constructed using materials that have been sourced in an eco-friendly manner. It has outdoor solar lighting and the designs were crafted with a sense of authentic African style. The accommodations come with full ceiling fans and large windows with screens. Despite the cool breeze that downplays the need for an AC, the resort has an AC in their Superior Beach Bungalows. Children are welcome at Saful Resort – but due to the dangers of being at the ocean, parents and guardians are required to you keep an eye on their children at all time.

Below are the price listings for their different accommodations:
Beach Bungalow – Le1,200,000
360 View Room – Le1,500,000
Glamping Tent – Le800,000
Tent – Le250,000

However, all the rooms don’t come with a refrigerator, water heater or TV.

Food and Drink Options

Saful Resort has a large seafood menu and a full bar. Food and drinks from outside are not allowed at the resort. For those who might have allergies or dietary requirements, it’s best you make it known to them in advance.

Some foods on their menu and their prices comprised:
Lobster – Le150,000 – Le200,000
Crab – Le140,000
Shrimp – Le140,000
Vegetarian pasta – Le100,000
Salone omelette – Le60,000


The list of fun activities available to Saful Resort’s guests involves snorkeling excursion to explore the underwater life around Bureh rocks and Boating Excursion to take a ride out to Banana Island, Ricket Island, or just ride up the coast and explore the beautiful coastline.

For those who like to be together and in groups, there’s always enough to do around the resort as there is adequate space to move through. If you are looking for a staycation spot on the beach in Sierra Leone, then Saful Resort might just be right for you and your loved ones.


2 Seasons

2 Seasons Resort defines itself as a place of absolute serenity – a home away from home and it boasts of an enticing retreat, perfect to breathe new life into one’s mind, body and soul. The resort is located at the furthest end of Tokeh beach, past The Place and Tokeh Beach Resort.

It has a lavish tropical landscape, with exclusive villas blend perfectly with the haven’s natural surroundings. It spacious, modernly furnished and fully equipped lodging facilities complete the resort status as an ideal place for family and friends to have a staycation.


2 Seasons Resort currently has 8 villas available to rent, each villa has 2 bedrooms, a master bedroom with its en suite bathroom, a family room, which has a single bed and a double bed (suitable for families with children, also with an en suite bathroom). Each villa also includes a living room area and a kitchenette.

Each villa can accommodate between 5/6 people including children.

Here are the price listings:

Pool Side Villas:
Weekdays Le2,000,000
Weekends Le3,000,000

Beach Front Villas:
Weekdays Le3,000,000
Weekends Le4,000,000
Note: prices can be further reduced for longer stays and an extra mattress (if required) will be available for le 250,000 per night.

Food and Drink Options

2 Seasons Resort has a full functioning restaurant that specializes in delivering tasty seafood. They also deliver a variety of non-seafood options. Upon request, the resort offers African dishes to its customers. Guests are advised to bring their own alcohol, as the establishment only sells none alcoholic beverages. Some of the foods on their menu are as follows:

Shrimp Fried rice – Le80,000
Jumbo Shrimp(3 skewers) –  Le250,000
Chicken Shawarma – Le80,000
Bread Calamari – Le80,000
Crispy Chicken (with 4pc French fries): Le120,000

Drink Menu includes:
Fruit blast – Le25,000
Perrier – Le30,000
Chocolate – Le25,000
Coffee/Tea (for 2) – Le35,000
Uno Juice – Le25,000


There are a handful of the activities available guests wanting to have a staycation at 2 Seasons. They comprise of boat trips to islands nearby, bonfire (by request), spearfishing/fishing (chartered trips) etc. By October, the 2 Seasons will have a banana boat and a fly fish, which will be available to rent at 15-30 mins intervals.
2 Season priced itself as a private haven welcoming everyone with a sensorial aesthetics that are lavishly in abundance and stunningly contained. It’s a safe space to kick back and reconnect with your family and friends.


Tokeh Beach Resort has that sparkling attraction that made it an ideal spots for a staycation. The ‘little tucked away paradise’ in the Freetown peninsula is an absolute gem. It’s is a true beach escape for love-birds and family alike – with a variety of accommodation options available to suit both taste and budget.

Situated at Tokeh Beach, Tokeh Town, The establishment is home to two complimentary resorts, Tokeh Palms and Tokeh Sands. Both spots are side by side within 100 yards of each other and guests can enjoy access and services of both locations including both beaches.


Tokeh Beach Resort has 33 Air-conditioned & en suite rooms + 7 Beach Huts. All the rooms are equipped with bathrooms. And most importantly, whichever becomes your preference, your eyeline is always going to be in the way of a stretching beachfront and astounding mountain view.

The list of rooms and prices includes:
AC Rooms – up to 2 guests Le500,000/800,000, up to 4 guests Le700,000/Le1,200,000.
Beach Huts with own bathroom – up to 2 guests Le300,000/450,000.
Beach Huts with shared bathrooms – up to 2 guests Le250,000/Le400,000, up to 4 guests Le450,000/650,000

There’s one twin AC room and one twin hut available. There is also the option to add a mattress to the rooms to increase guests per room.

Food and Drink Options

Guests waking up to breakfasts is traditional to most hotels and resorts. And Tokeh Beach Resort goes out of their way in making sure that tradition is kept to the fullest. The establishment accommodation prices are inclusive of breakfast, and their daily menu is ripe with seafood and other grand cuisines. Their Jumbo Shrimp pasta is always very well received.

Some of the items on their menu include:
Hummus (homemade, with flatbread) – Le60,000
Fish Carpaccio (served with flatbread) – Le75,000
Calamari – Le50,000
Fish Fingers – Le80,000
Lobster and Chips – from Le150,000 size dependent
Barracuda and Chips – Le100,000
The drinks menu includes:
Star beer – Le25,000
Heineken – Le30,000
A single shot of brandy – Le25,000
The Gimlet or Matt’s Margarita – Le65,000 each. Is unique to Tokeh Beach Resort.


There’s always a list of activities to choose from when at Tokeh Beach Resort. Families with young kids are always provided with extra space to have a bit of fun time. A swimming pool is available for all overnight guests. There is paddle boarding, boat rides (season dependent), fishing and snorkeling activities.
Tokeh Beach Resort has a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Nestled in one of the best strips of beach in all of Sierra Leone, they offered attentive but discreet service, and delicious food and drink. It’s indeed a perfect escape for everyone.

**All prices accurate as of publication of this article. They are subject to change at any time without notice.

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