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The Atlantic Lumley Hotel: Freetown’s newest High end hotel

An imposing structure along Lumley beach, in between the Aberdeen mangrove and the Atlantic, the Atlantic Lumley Hotel is impossible to miss. Sierra Leone’s newest high-end hotel is impressive.

According to staff, the Atlantic Lumley Hotel is part-owned by a Hong Kong business man, and has 57 rooms priced from $198 per night. Each floor has four suites (with complimentary mini-bar) and all rooms have a key card system for door lock and power efficiency. The Presidential Room has anti-mosquito paint. Cute.

The Atlantic Lumley Hotel also boasts of two fully equipped conference rooms, an Italian Restaurant with the best in Italian wines (Loft Eatalicous), an English style pub (Dicken’s Bar), a Wine Bar for a more laid back feel (The Altruim) and “The Pastry and Chocolate Shop”.

To date, it represents an investment of over $15m.

The hotel is fully accessible which means it is wheel-chair friendly with disabled toilets – a welcome development as this is an absent feature in many hotels in Sierra Leone. The lobby is breath-taking and the glass ceiling (possibly our favourite feature) offers a lot of light through the main area.

For health and safety, the hotel has two emergency staircases and is fully equipped with sprinklers, smoke alarms and a PA System.

This hotel ticks many of the right boxes and is no doubt a fantastic addition to Sierra Leone’s hospitality industry. For now, like many of the other hotels, we suspect their clientele will be mostly corporate but it would also be a great choice for tourists, and a great event venue for domestic visitors and institutions.

As the hotel plans to officially open their doors, our hope is that the quality of service matches the quality of the facilities, as that would change the landscape of the industry. For other hotels, the bar has been raised that much higher.

The tentative official opening date of the hotel is 6th of October.

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