The Sunset Cruise

The Sunset Cruise takes you along the scenic Freetown bay as the sun sets into the Atlantic Ocean. This trip is ideal for getting different perspective of the capital whilst enjoying a cooling ocean breeze, local snacks, drinks, and good company.

Sierra Leone is a beautiful, tropical country with sea, sun and forest. What makes this country exceptional is the georgrapic uniqueness of mountains near the shore. Combine this with having the largest natural harbour of the continent, and the result is endless coast with a dramatic background of vast green mountains. And guess what the most relaxing, effortless and scenic way to enjoy this view is? Yes indeed, during a sunset cruise.

The boat sets off at 5.30pm from the Sea Coach docking bay. As the John Bennett leisurely rides towards the east, you get a unique view of the diverse city-scape. You pass by churches, mosques, and typical Freetownian houses with colored roofs that cover the flowing hills. Cotton trees and tropical palms pop out in between the buildings.

By sunset, the sea is hulled in a myriad of pastels, casting a soft ambiance over the coastal city. It takes an hour before it gets entirely dark, leaving enough time to observe the sea traffic. You can see the Turkish Powership in action, Chinese fishing ships collect the day’s catch, and local wooden boats going towards the shore. As the sky turns a darker blue the you reach the port of Freetown, showing off its proud cranes illuminated by bright industrial lights.

Meanwhile, there is enough entertainment on the cruise boat itself. It holds about 30 people, which allows for an intimate yet large enough group to get a party vibe. Local snacks are served, oldies play in the background, and those who like alcohol take out their cans and bottles to quench their thirst. Do bring those yourself, as these are not part of the package.

Upon returning to the western area, the boat takes a detour to the bustling Lumley beach. The hotel, bar and restaurant lights contrasted to the dark sea give a beautiful last sight of the trip.

Good to know:

  • The boat does not go fast enough to get sea sick, however, take those along if you have a history with motion sickness.
  • Tickets include soft drinks and water, snacks and a boat ride.
  • Bring along a light jacket in case you get cold easily.
  • The boat rides takes a 3- 3,5 hours total
Esther Kamara
About the author

Esther Kamara is a Dutch-Sierra Leonean that was born and raised in Amsterdam. After finishing her bachelor Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam she moved to Freetown, where she now works as a freelance writer and artist manager. Her brainchildren are otherworldly short stories and peculiar drawings of non-existing characters. Her contributions to the blog do not necessarily reflect the views of Visit Sierra Leone. Although she tried to be as accurate as possible, these observations are always momentarily and therefore subject to change.