The Freetown-Gatwick-Freetown flight schedule has changed. You can book your flights by getting in touch with us either by email, ( by calling +23276258258 or just stop by ou office at 28 Main Motor Road, Congo Cross. New schedule as follows:

Day Direction Flight No. Depart Arrive
Monday GATWICK-FREETOWN 3G2741 10:00 16:55
Tuesday FREETOWN-GATWICK 3G2220 23:50 06:30
Wednesday GATWICK-FREETOWN 3G2221 10:00 16:55
Friday FREETOWN-GATWICK 3G2520 23:50 06:30
Saturday GATWICK-FREETOWN 3G2521 10:00 16:55
Sunday FREETOWN-GATWICK 3G2740 23:50 06:30

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