The Estuary Resort – Set yourself free for a couple of days

Built to blend into the environment and deliciously quiet, Estuary Resort is a haven for those looking to disappear for a couple of peaceful days.

Take a drive around the Freetown Peninsula to John Obey Village, ignore the main road to the beach and keep an eye out for a colourful sign reading “John Obey Estuary Resort”. Take the gravelly path, cautiously if you are not driving a 4×4, and as you get closer to the sea you will come to a clearing in the forest of trees.

It is built along an inlet of water so shallow and calm you can walk across to the other side, if you disregard what might be under the water!

While it is not on the beach, it is easy to take a paddle-boat across to the main John Obey beach, or merely to see round the other side of the mini-peninsula.

Once you are back on solid ground, their chalets, built by local carpenters, offer cool relaxation in simply furnished rooms with a fan and a TV. You can also head over to the Restaurant which offers a variety of dishes, drinks, satellite TV and music (mostly nineties R&B on manager Sina Jalloh’s playlist – or connect your own device!).

Swimming, paddling, sunbathing or just curling up in a bed, Estuary offers the perfect family or romantic getaway. We’re fans and you might just fall in love too.

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Chris Greene
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