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River Number 2 Beach Guesthouse

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You’re basically coming for the beach. The accommodation facility is very basic, but the staff are usually friendly and helpful.

There are 12 double rooms that view the ocean. The rooms remain very basic with no luxuries but the sound of the waves and the tropical birds. They are ever more charming as everything is clearly handmade. The rooms are equipped with a mosquito net, bucket shower and a fan. Included in the price is breakfast: toast with jam and eggs, coffee and tea. If ordered the evening in advance, the chefs are happy to slice up a fresh platter of fruit.

Towels are not provided, as happens at most smaller guesthouses in Sierra Leone.


River No. 2 has about the freshest ingredients you can think of. One can choose between several fish varieties, lobster, shrimps, crab and, if not too fond of seafood, country chicken that have lived a happy life scurrying around in the village. All items on the menu are based on availability which might also be due to what’s in season.

The food comes with a plate of steamed or fried rice, or home-made fries from potatoes grown in the fields near the village.

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