Get your fit on in Freetown

There is no more denying it. People on the street comment, “you de enjoy-o!” or, “you don bump,” referring to the extra layer of flesh around your waist. All the fried rice, chicken, poyo and tapalappa with butter have now become a part of you.
But fear not! There are plenty of opportunities for you to transform your bacon back into a beach bod. This article will highlight some options, tried and tested by me.


There is a thriving yoga community here in Freetown. Styles vary from asthanga to yin and are taught by different teachers all over town. You can find the times and prices on the Yoga Salone Facebook page. Most classes cost around 8$, but there are also some teachers who accept donations of any size.

Once a month, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary hosts a yoga retreat. For about 100-120$, you can stay at the sanctuary and do three yoga classes right in the jungle.

Yoga retreat
+23288126718 +23230445215.

Upcoming Tacugama Yoga Retreat: Jan 27th & 28th 2018

Yoga Salone Facebook page


If you want to sweat and walk out with a limp, check out Body-Tec aerobics in Hill Station. Three times a week they offer one hour aerobics classes that will get your heart rate pumping. The classes consist of bodyweight exercises, cardio and core workouts. They provide mats and dumbells, but feel free to bring your own equipment. The biggest plus for this workout is that it is outside on a platform that overlooks the mountains of Freetown.

Price: 40.000le (5$) per session, or 250.000 (30$) per month for three classes a week
Location: tennis court, Hill Station. +23277206070, +23277666669 or +23276739362


If running is your thing, Freetown can offer some challenging and fun trails. There are plenty of hills and Lumley beach is used by many for their morning or afternoon run. From Family Kingdom to Atlantic is about 4km and when the tide is low you can run this on the sand.
Aberdeen and Murray town have some tough hills you can battle. Of course, you can run in any part of town, but the fumes and the traffic might make it less enjoyable.

There’s also a running club called the Hash, who describe themselves as ‘drinkers with a running problem, or runners with a drinking problem.’ As indicated by this statement they combine running with drinking afterwards. You can run or walk, and the registration fee is 20.000le (3$).

FH3 (Freetown Hash House Harriers)


There is a Veteran’s Cycling Club made up of some very fit veterans as well as some occasional riders. They do a weekly run starting from the Aberdeen roundabout (by Family Kingdom) to various locations in Freetown – but frequently to the Peninsula area.
Contact for more information.


Squash has grown in popularity in the last few years, mainly because it’s the chosen sport of Former President Koroma. Many courts have been built in schools all over the country. In Freetown, the main places the sport is played are Freetown Aqua Sports Club (Murray Town), Freetown Golf Club (Lumley Beach), YSC (Wilkinson Road) and Military Barracks (Wilberforce) – all four are membership clubs but have pay per play options if you speak to the coach.

About the author

Esther Kamara is a Dutch-Sierra Leonean that was born and raised in Amsterdam. After finishing her bachelor Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam she moved to Freetown, where she now works as a freelance writer and artist manager. Her brainchildren are otherworldly short stories and peculiar drawings of non-existing characters. Her contributions to the blog do not necessarily reflect the views of Visit Sierra Leone. Although she tried to be as accurate as possible, these observations are always momentarily and therefore subject to change.

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