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Vacancy Sierra Leone

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    Program Manager, Operations and Planning, Sierra Leone (Freetown)
    Closing date: Sunday, 01 April 2007

    Location: Sierra Leone (Freetown)
    Closing date: 01 Apr 2007

    Job Description
    The Program Manager for Operations and Planning, based in Freetown, is responsible for performance management, planning and all operational aspects relating to the ENCISS program. The position also oversees learning and M & E functions, working closely with the ENCISS Program Director to insure that operational and planning aspects are coherent with program strategies. ENCISS is a civil society strengthening program that aims to increase the capacity of representative civil society to participate, influence, contribute and monitor State and non-State policy planning and implementation. The program engages with government and civil society at national, regional and community levels, focusing specific attention on the role of women and young people, and building linkages with existing governance projects and policies. Facilitating relations between stakeholders and the multi-dimensional exchange of information are core components of the program. ENCISS is a standalone institution within Sierra Leone, with its own offices.

    Requirements include: Masters Degree in a development related field; 7 yrs exp in development-related management, in developing countries; budget preparation; report and document writing; planning and performance management; excellent oral and written communication skills; proficiency using MS Office.
    Vacancies Contact Please apply for this position at the CARE website.

    Reference Code: RW_6YFS9B-58 Source: [url=https://www.reliefweb.int/]Reliefweb[/url]

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