So what went wrong for African teams?

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    Not a very good tournament for African teams at all… what do you guys think went wrong? I have two theories… 1.. the pressure on them to do well was really intense. Too much talk of African World Cup.. and talk of an African team winning.. 2.. Frankly, there seems to be a distinct lack of top quality African strikers. It’s not like we don’t create the chances but we just can’t put them away! Man, i think if only Drogba was Ghanaian round about now..anyway, why do y’all think African teams were so shyte.?


    2 words homie- MisManagement and Administration!

    What did you expect when 3 out of the 6 only recently changed coaches, just hours before the tourney?

    Again, what’s the fixation with these ‘played out’ Western coaches? The youth teams easily flourish in International competitions with home grown talented coaches-Why doesn’t that transend to the national squads?

    take the shamockery in Naija – in a must win game and they trot in Kanu as a [b]midfielder [/b]player and captain – playing against (argueably the fittest team in the world)- Like my man said -“where is he going?”

    and GoldenFox-Looking R. Song – still playing for Cameroon? he def must have paid his way onto that team!

    It’s all a joke!- What pressure? The ’90 Naija team and ’86 Cameroon were the ones under pressure! These lads are all already paid- they dont know what pressure is. IC fielded a team of 21 professional European Starters- you can’t have team chemistry with 21 professionals! ( all man know en feel say e for start)Cool-Runnins2010-07-01 12:52:04

    AvatarJan Hora

    talking about…:[b]
    [b]World Cup 2010: Nigeria president suspends team[/b]Nigeria’s president has suspended his nation’sfootball team from international competition for two years after a poorshowing at the World Cup.[/b]
    Special presidential adviser ImaNiboro told reporters the decision by Goodluck Jonathan will “enableNigeria to reorganise its football”.
    The Nigerian FootballFederation is to be dissolved and an interim board appointed, the BBCunderstands



    [QUOTE=Otolo] …….Too much talk of African World Cup.. [b]and talk of an African team winning[/b].. 2.. Frankly…..[/QUOTE]
    Really? i did not hear that, and just as well as i would have been laughing…[img width=17 height=17][/img][img width=17 height=17][/img].. I dont think any one thinking logically would think so.

    I totally agree with CR’s points.
    Mismanagement, curroption you name it….

    To be honest i have not seen one African team really embrace this world cup. Like play as a team a 110 percent. Dem all feba men pikin them… No real excitement
    Nigeria and Cameroon are just a disgrace in my eyes… With all their experiences in world cup finals, they had nothing to show for it.
    Ivory coast could have done well if they were in any other group. All they needed was to get to second rounds and we could have had a good world cup as a continentfredieddie2010-07-01 09:31:01

    AvatarJan Hora

    despite the fact that the nigerian player understands korean and listens to the opposing coach Hahaha![img]smileys/smiley36.gif[/img] watch this: [url=]


    Man, so Ghana are OUT! I believe FIFA should change the rules.. if a player blatantly handles the ball on the goal line and prevents what would have been a goal, then the goal should be awarded.. not a penalty. Shame!


    lol Otolo… Emotions running high? Am not sure i agree with you on that…
    However on that hand ball alone it feels like Ghana was robbed. For me this game is the best by far so far in the world cup finals… I am truly heart broken for Ghana.. Its a miracle Uraguay went through after all that… Ghana did well.[img]smileys/smiley32.gif[/img][img]smileys/smiley32.gif[/img][img]smileys/smiley32.gif[/img]


    I for one knew that certain african teams will disappoint , also Africna teams were under a lot of pressure to deliver, Cameroun disjointedness the most, Nigeria’s was a team of overblown egos , CIv ( My team) they tried but they over rated a weaker Brazilian side, plus the ref was either blind or silly, for not ruling Fabiano’s goal as offside. i was happy Brazil went out when they did. RSA never really stood a chance in their group but they tried . .as for Algeria hehehehe.

    @ Otolo forgid bout the handball. lets go to the shoot put.
    what was mensah thinking? is that how they take pen kicks in his village?


    African Teams are good, all what they need is the guidance which can guide them to victory..

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