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Sierra Rutile [Sierra Leone]

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    AvatarEdleen Elba

    A) Applications are invited for the position of IT Administrator at Sierra Rutile Limited. This person will manage a small team of IT professionals/technicians for the design and successful implementation of solutions to evolving requirements for Management Information Systems and the installation and maintenance of LAN/WAN systems. The successful candidate must fulfill the following requirements:

    1. Hold a Degree in Computer Science/Management of Information Systems OR hold a Higher Diploma in Management of Information Systems from an internationally accredited institution (such as IMIS and ACP) OR be a holder of the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) accreditation.

    2. He/she must have worked in a networked computer environment for at least three (3) years as a network administrator. A hands-on experience with a client-server architecture over a LAN/WAN, as well as capabilities in database querying using SQL would be an advantage.

    3. He/she must be aged between 25 and 45 years

    B) Sierra Rutile Limited requires the services of a Civil Engineer between the ages of 25 to 40. Applicants should satisfy the following conditions:

    1. Qualification – Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering.

    2. Experience – a minimum of 5 years in the areas listed below, and capable of using related computer software, including AutoCAD: Design of Earth Dams; Design of low volume laterite roads; Design of bridges and culverts; Design of canals; Layout of Plant Equipment and minor modifications to plant structure; Production and Interpretation of Architectural and Structural Drawings; Estimation and preparation of Bills of Quantities; Surveying, using Total Station or other equipment; Construction of Buildings; Supervision of Civil Works.

    Applications for both vacancies should be submitted with curriculum vitae indicating the jobs undertaken and completed during the last five years. The closing date for the submission of all applications is 31st March 2005 and only applicants that meet the requirements will be invited for interview.

    Applications should be addressed to The Chief Operating Officer, Sierra Rutile Limited, Guma Building, Freetown. Applications can also be e-mailed to [url=https://mailto:srlfree@sierratel.sl]srlfree@sierratel.sl[/url]


    Thanks for this Ed!

    AvatarVictor Blell

    A comprehensive analysis of Salones natural endowments.
    Thought a bit outdated, but not much have changed in what god has given us since then.

    https://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/country/1994/923409 4.pdf#search=’MokanjiSierra%20rutile’ [/url]


    Cool. When the mines are up and running our GDP will rise and we can leave this most shameful moniker of ‘poorest nation on earth’ to Niger or Burkina Faso or some other backwater where it truelly belongs.

    “The company was contributing about 50% of government earnings thereby superceding the diamond industry,” Wombay said.


    AvatarConrad Lisk

    The books are extremely readable, and not too long. (More about day-to-day life than actual crime, but that’s not to detract from them.) I’ve read all but the last two – they’re very good. You can even buy (or lend) the book and read it by Sunday. That way you can scream at the screen ‘That wasn’t how it was in the book!’ if you’re an intellectual snob like me.

    BTW – RIP Anthony Minghella, the Oscar winning director of the TV adaptation. He suddenly died early this week, tragic loss.


    My other half read all the books and she loved them. Gave them away before i could make up my mind to read them…. Knowing me, i don’t read at all… She was saying the same thing Bluenose is say re the TV series being a bit different to the books. She does not want to spoil the image she has in her head…..

    Looking forward to the TV series…


    BTW – RIP Anthony Minghella, the Oscar winning director of the TV adaptation. He suddenly died early this week, tragic loss.[/QUOTE]

    Tragic loss indeed [img width=17 height=17]https://forum.visitsierraleone.org/smileys/smiley19.gif[/img]

    I think he started his TV/Film work in BBC’s ‘Grange Hill’ back in the late 70s/early 80s, and his work on ‘The English Patient’ (for which he won the Oscar) was brilliant!

    Can’t wait to see the premiere of ‘The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency’ on Sunday[img width=17 height=17]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]


    Idris Elba, who is a fellow Sierra Leonean is in the film. He pays the part of Charlie Gutso.

    Idris’s film roles include Gregoirs in Belle Maman with Catherine Deneuve, Kimborough in Buffalo Soldiers, and Augustin in Raoul Peck’s harrowing film about the Rwandan genocide Sometimes In April.



    I watched the show last night and can’t wait for the actual series to start……..i think it said that was going to be next year.


    [QUOTE=shadow]I watched the show last night and can’t wait for the actual series to start……..[b]i think it said that was going to be next year[/b].[/QUOTE]

    Yeah i was very disappointed when i heard that.

    Watched it also, and i think it is brillian. Got loads of humour also. Shame we have to wait till next year….

    AvatarConrad Lisk

    Have seen the trailers for the series…it’s going to be shown quite soon in the UK. Am looking forward to it.

    Meanwhile Mr McCall Smith is playing a crafty game with the novels….each one comes out in hardback first to pull in the money, then just as it comes out in paperback, the next novel comes out in hardback!

    Nice move, but in these credit-crunched times I’m sticking with the paperbacks. Have just read ‘The Miracle At Speedy Motors’ which just came out in paperback – ‘Teatime For The Traditionally Built’, newly out in hardback, will have to wait.Bluenose2009-03-02 11:05:24


    Series 1 starts on the BBC on 15th March at 9pm, 6 episodes

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