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NDI – Resident Director

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    AvatarEdleen Elba

    [b]Resident Director[b][/b]National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)[b][b]The National Democratic Institute for InternationalAffairs (NDI) is a nonprofit organization working to strengthen andexpand democracy worldwide. Calling on a global network of volunteerexperts, NDI provides practical assistance to civic and politicalleaders advancing democratic values, practices and institutions. NDIworks with democrats in every region of the world to build politicaland civic organizations, safeguard elections, and to promote citizenparticipation, openness and accountability in government. [b]Location country: Sierra Leone
    Closing date: [/b]15 Apr 2005Job Description

    NDIis seeking to hire a Resident Director to oversee the implementation ofits Parliamentary Committee Strengthening Program (PCSP) in SierraLeone. The Director will be based in Freetown and will serve asprincipal liaison with the donor and diplomatic community,parliamentary members (MPs) and staff, and local non-governmentalorganizations (NGOs). The Director will have principal responsibilityfor the design and implementation of program activities to supportSierra Leone’s legislative process and the institutional development ofParliament. The Director will also be responsible for the oversight ofthe program, to include financial and human resource management, inclose coordination with the Senior Administrator and field-based staff.While the Director will retain a degree of independence andresponsibility for NDI’s Sierra Leone program, he/she will be expectedto coordinate closely with and report to NDI’s Senior Associate forAfrica and the Deputy Regional Director. Close coordination will alsobe expected with Washington-based program staff, who will manageday-to-day contact and provide oversight for field activities, as wellas Washington-based functional teams.


    SinceSierra Leone’s 2002 national elections, NDI has provided technicalassistance to Parliament and worked to increase awareness aboutdemocratic processes among citizens at the grassroots level. Throughits DFID-funded PCSP, NDI seeks to enhance the legislature’s capacityto improve accountability and responsiveness to the needs of SierraLeonean citizens. The Resident Director will organize and lead trainingactivities, respond to requests for ongoing technical assistance andevaluate progress towards program objectives.

    Primary Responsibilities[/b]

    -Design and organize training workshops for Sierra Leonean MPs and staffon strategies to strengthen the committee system, improve legislativeoversight of the executive and enhance the efficiency of parliament aspart of the PCSP and support additional programs, as needed

    – Provide direct training and consultation for Sierra Leonean MPs and parliamentary staff within the context of the PCSP

    -Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with legislators andstaff, political party leaders, NGOs, donors, government officials, theUN and members of the international community

    – Consult regularly with Washington-based staff on program(s) progress
    r>- Draft monthly program reports and send to Washington staff [b][b]- Oversee and monitor all program activities and expenditures in cooperation with Senior Administrator

    – Provide monthly financial reconcilations to Washington in cooperation with Senior Administrator

    – Manage, mentor and support field staff in cooperation with Senior Administrator

    – Develop and write program work plans in cooperation with field-based and Washington program staff

    – Assist in the development and implementation of evaluation and monitoring plans for programs

    – Assist in writing quarterly and final program reports

    – Seek and investigate on-going program opportunities in Sierra Leone and the region

    – Assist in writing program proposals and in drafting program budgets

    – Travel up-country in Sierra Leone to conduct and guide program activities

    – Monitor and report on the political situation in-country and regionally


    -At least twelve years of experience with legislative work as an electedmember or a senior-level staff person in a state, provincial ornational legislature. Experience with the Westminster parliamentarymodel preferred.

    – Graduate degree in law, public policy, international relations, political science or related field strongly preferred.

    – Ability to effectively communicate skills and experience to others as a trainer, advisor and consultant.

    -Excellent managerial, interpersonal and networking skills, as well asthe ability to conduct professional political relationships.

    – Strong oral and written communication skills; fluency in English.

    – Ability to work cooperatively as a member of the field team.

    – Experience working in a multi-cultural work environment and promoting staff development.

    – Demonstrated ability to trouble shoot and problem solve on a continuous basis in a challenging environment.

    – Experience implementing DFID-funded programs a plus.

    -Knowledge of all components of Microsoft Office and other informationand communications technology as well as computer based trainingsoftware.

    – Experience in living and working overseas, preferably in the developing world, especially in Africa.


    Priorwork experience in crisis and/or post-conflict situations is desirable.Knowledge of sub-Saharan Africa a plus. Salary commensurate withexperience. Vacancies ContactInterestedapplicants can apply now using our on-line resume tool at [url=https://www.ndi.org]www.ndi.org[/url],Cite the exact position title in the cover letter.Otolo38441.5623842593

    AvatarDave Stanley

    Hmm – Somebody in government finally does something right! I was in Morocco and Senegal a short time ago, where they have a good telecoms connections to the outside world. It really does make a huge difference. This really is good news.


    I was at that Workshop, and I think its still at the planning stage. Positive news though [img width=23 height=17]https://forum.visitsierraleone.org/smileys/smiley20.gif[/img]

    fibre-optic is a huge investment and after getting connected you have the land infrastructure to do


    I know right? Once it connects to Sierra Leone can’t it be distributed through some wireless technology?
    Good to have you back. I suspect you’re in a land of broadband. [img]https://forum.visitsierraleone.org/smileys/smiley20.gif[/img]


    you guessed it, the land of broadband. [img width=17 height=17]https://forum.visitsierraleone.org/smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]

    I’m no IT Techy or engineer but I assume you do need the land cable connections as well as wireless connectivity, its not just about internet but also landline and call centres etc etc. The opportunities are endless. There are rumours that it will be done in June, but I don’t believe thatMah-D2010-04-07 15:17:55

    AvatarAlfred James



    [QUOTE=Otolo] I know right? Once it connects to Sierra Leone can’t it be distributed through some wireless technology?[/QUOTE] I think you will need a backbone of fibre optic cables to connect the main hubs and then copper/fibre to the premises. Wireless speeds only look good because they are quoted in bits. Divide by 8 to know what it is in bytes. Still lets see what happens when it is rolled out.

    AvatarDave Stanley

    Once the cable reaches land, distributing the data will not be a problem. There will be microwave links to the various telecoms/ISP companies. The only issue is making sure it does land in Sierra Leone.


    Here’s a press Release indicating the link. There’s also a red dot on Sierra Leone! ­čÖé
    [quote]Six new telecommunication operators joined the ACE consortium recently, namely Etisalat Nigeria,Expresso Telecom Group (Mauritania, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria), Globalink (Sierra Leone), MauritiusTelecom, Office Congolais de Poste et TA┬ęlA┬ęcommunication (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Sierratel (Sierra Leone).[url=https://www.orange.com/en_EN/press/press_releases/att00014018/PR_ACE_en_011209.pdf]https://www.orange.com/en_EN/press/press_releases/att00014018/PR_ACE_en_011209.pdf[/url] [/quote]


    Things like online education depend almost entirely on reliable and fast connection speeds. A cable like this can’t come soon enough.


    T”he ACE submarine cable system, which will be more than 14,000 km long, will be ready for service in

    [b]2011[/b]. The system will include state-of-the-art submarine cable technology with a minimum capacity of

    1.92 Tbit/s, which is capable of supplying the network connectivity required to meet the needs of many

    countries and secure international traffic.”

    Maybe someone should circulate this in Freetown as I believe Sierratel is giving the impression that this would be online in 6mths (probably playing politics). I’m also guessing that when the dots are connected in 2011, Sierra Leone still needs to lay land cables in freetown and elsewhere

    AvatarAmara James Moosa

    Its great that sierra leone can now tap into a broadband connection. However, there are infrastructural issues that still needs to be in place before people can rip the benefit. Fiber optic /T1 lines need to be lay within the city, we need newer termination points, we need a better central office for all the connection to terminate. I think sierra Tel is too old for this kind of technology. Hopefully a new state of the art central office would be constructed to rip the full benefit of this technology.

    AvatarSoul Sistaa

    So who’s championing this effort – Sierratel, Natcom, the Ministry of Info and Comm or ???


    Sistaa you dae?
    I think all of the above (I haven’t heard much about Natcomm but I’m sure they will come in later). The contract has been awarded to a company called Globallink so they’re also involved.

    AvatarSoul Sistaa

    I dey oh. Finally coming up for air so you should see/hear more from me going forward.

    Thanks much bro – that was very helpful…ssoulsistaa2010-04-14 14:19:58

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