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    VSL is now running a dedicated Job Section in association with JobSearch(SL)

    This allows for additional functionality and flexibility – for example greater control over the display of jobs, easier searching etc.

    However, perhaps the most significant improvement is the ease of application for job seekers. You can [url=https://www.visitsierraleone.org/jobs/job-seeker-registration.asp]create an account online[/url], fill in an online CV and applying for a job only takes two clicks. [img]https://forum.visitsierraleone.org/smileys/smiley4.gif[/img]

    In the future we are looking at giving employers greater control including the ability to search through CVs to find suitable candidates.

    Due to a few requests from peeps searching for volunteering opportunities we will also look into this in the future.

    Have a go and let me know if you come across any areas you feel can be tweaked etc. We’ve tried make the search and application process as fast and painless as possible but let me know if you experience any issues.


    Thanks to everyone who helped maintain this section of the forum, and if you have know of any jobs going please email them into jobsearchsl (at) visitsierraleone.org

    Thank you!!!!


    Hey good [i]JOB[/i] otolo![img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img]


    Great job Otolo – well done.

    I have just a few observations from previous adverts published in Sierra Leone.
    What is it with employers in Sierra Leone and the age bracket on adverts? I have just had a look at the HR Manager’s post and the age bracket for prospective applicants is specified as 35-40. Are the 0ver 40s over represented in their company?


    I think they should make it more like the overseas community where there is no discrimination in terms of age, religion, gender etc.

    A person below the age of 35 can have the experience in the area including managerial to help develop that HR office. It is possible that their young mind is more open to new developments, new ideas and methods of doing things. They may have gone through some recent training experience that introduces new technology, etc. that helps make a process go faster or helps improve the quality of the service/product offered.

    I think they need to actually look into a lot of the old laws and regulations and make some serious changes to keep up with the emerging technologies and methodology.

    AvatarEdleen Elba



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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