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    AvatarConrad Lisk

    From the BBC site


    I was in Freetown for the last Saturday in December – there was some talk about Cleaning Day, but I never noticed anything. (What I did notice over Christmas/New Year is that there are paid street sweepers, who work mostly at night).

    Do the soldiers / coppers still force people to clean on the last Saturday? I know that was the hallmark of the NPRC era, but under a civilian government…?

    Anyone have any experience of this?

    AvatarEdleen Elba

    It is true. This past Saturday was cleaning day. For those of us that clean everyday, it irritates me that I have to wait till after midday before I can leave my house. I believe tho’ that for the moment it’s the most effective way of getting people to clean their surroundings…if only they had enough trucks to pick up the garbage on time so it doesn’t affect traffic after midday.


    I saw the same thing in Banjul last year.And the money for the workers at the city council? Or what are the workers doing at the city council.Only the military show the nation their presence like monitors in a primary school.It is a mess.People will do what they want.Is that why the DEFENCE minister was going around with military uniform in the country?Seriouness gentlemen.Or na honey moon continue da side dae?????

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