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CARE – Program Coordinator

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    [b]Program Coordinator (CARE)[b][/b][url=https://javascript%20voidopenContact%27CARE%27][b][/url] [b]Location country: Sierra Leone
    Closing date: [/b]11 Apr 2005Job Description
    TheProgram Coordinator will implement an urban condom social marketingproject. The German Development Bank (Kfw) has been working with CAREfor a year to further develop and expand project activities. Componentsof the Kfw project design include: Social Marketing, Behaviour Change,Training, Income Generating, and Output Based Health Services.

    Themain aim is to improve reproductive health in Sierra Leone by reducingthe incidence of STIs and HIV/AIDS and providing better access,diagnosis and treatment services.

    [list][*]Ensure project staff develop annual work plans; Conduct regularproject reviews and reassess project direction/requirements as needed;Ensure effective collaboration with complementary initiatives atnational level; [*]Ensure project outputs meet stated goals and objectives–identify and initiate mid-course corrections as appropriate;[*]Ensure CARE and donor guidelines for program implementation,budget management, procurement and asset and commodity management arefully met; Ensure social marketing sustainability and exit strategy aredeveloped; [*]Monitors project implementation and provide feedback to donors and senior management regularly.[*]Ensure all required Country Office/donor reporting and accounting requirements are strictly adhered to.
    [*]It requires 7 years work experience in a developing country,5 years in a senior management position; 3 years work experience in private sector in the developing world;Experience managing large multi-million dollar projects;Project management skills include assessment, strategicthinking and planning, M&E systems, budgeting and administrativemanagement, donor & NGO representation & liaison; Training skills that encourage non-university trained fieldstaff to understand basic concepts of project management andimplementation; Knowledge of both quantitative and qualitative research;Post-graduate degree (MBA, MIA, MPH, etc.) or equivalent experience. Position is based in Free Town [/list]Vacancies ContactApply online at http://www.careusa.org/careers Otolo38442.4072222222


    That good to hear. More African countries should do the same. I strongly believe that a country’s resources, natural or otherwise should be controlled by its people in some form. I hope that Sierra Leone will follow Ghana’s example, it seems that most of our elected leaders are more than willing to barter our ” inheritance” (mining, fishing and forestry consessions etc.) for a “bowl of pottage” ( foriegn aid, bribes, you name it).

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