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    Who do you think is the best Sierra Leonean footballer ever?

    I grew up in the post Dyfan period, so here are my picks. (Mohammed Kallon played only briefly in Salone, but will include him under striker).

    1. Gbessay Sesay. (At his peak in 1985, was the best I’ve ever seen, unfortunately his peak was short)
    2. Atto Mensah (Ghanaian was eventaully naturalised, probably the best considered career wise)
    3. Junior Tumbu
    4. Junior Parade
    5. Momodubah Kamara (Hugely talented Fisheries player, unfortunately he was always more interested in doing business)
    6. John Arjina Sesay
    7. Tibati Saidu Kanu
    8. Umaru Kabia
    9. Amadu ‘Rapel’ Kamara
    10. John Dumbuya(?)

    Best Goalkeeper: 1. Brima Attouga Kamara 2. Osiao Marah 3. Macauley Coker

    Best Striker ever: 1. Mohammed Kallon 2. Lyndon Thomas 3. Abdul Cole. Umaru Kabia (played also as a winger or I would have put him no. 2) Chico Myers was the best finisher ever, but an average player, but boy he could finish. John Dumbuya also a honorabe mention.

    Best Midfielder: 1. Gbessay Sesay 2. Atto Mensah 3. Abu Gbator Sesay (Tumbu also played on the wings so decided to omit him)

    Best Winger: 1. Leslie Allen. 2. Short Abu Sankoh 3. Balla Kargbo ‘Keita’ of Blackpool a honorable mention.

    Best Defender 1. Fode Sesay 2. Joseph Toby 3. Abubakar Tostao Kamara

    I’m sure I have left someone out, but for my perod of watching soccer in Salone, post 1980’s to 1995, that is my take.

    What do you think?


    I won’t disagree with you… of all the above i think i onlyremember seeing Kallon, Attouga, Parade, Tibati and Tumbu play… thatwas the era i’m most familiar with. There was also another guy…ithink his name may have been Mohamed Kanu and used to play inBelgium..always impressed me with his discipline and composure wheneverhe played. He used to play either right back or right wing. Do you knowwho i’m talking about?

    Junior Tumbu was our very own Okocha, loved to watch him in full actioneven though i think entertainment tends to take over to the detrimentof the team.

    Remember the nations cup where i think he got injured in the firstmatch (after like 20mins or so), and Ivory coast proceeded to give us a4-0 battering. Saloneman dem nor able believe dar day dae. So much highhopes…[img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img] The only goal we scored in thatnation’s cup was in our own goal. Before the match we had cooked peppehsoup in our house and had a few people over..i think it was our firstnations cup too!Needless to say everyone lost their appetite after thematch. Some used to say it would have been different if Tumbu hadplayed. Who knows?


    I remember it well, SLBS’ Bill Wager of ‘Famble dem we don cam back O’. I think it was nerves, we basically let them walk passed us. The next game against Zambia was a 0-0 draw, a game we played very well. Tumbu had a way of taking a game by the scruff of the neck, so who knows how it would have been if he had played?

    Salone football for me was ths bomb, just so much talent on display…


    yeah… i think the pundits cried too! The hype before the game was unbelievable!


    SM, bo ah pull at pan u bo! [img]smileys/smiley2.gif[/img]You left out the greatest names in your era!

    Best defensive midfielder- Alusine ‘Tom’ Terry

    Best offensive midfielder- Little John ‘Chidozi’ Johnson (hero of the greatest Zone II hosted in SL)

    Best Striker- King Kama ‘de hunter’ Dumbuya

    other mentions- Bubba kamara, Sentu Johnson,Mazolla, Diamond Toes-

    Smallest talented player ever- Little Max Macauley?

    But, based on the stories I heard and the impact his death had on the nation (not sure when), I would say the greatest footballer ever from SL was DOMINGO.. I believe the nation mourned his death for days!

    In ihis days, people say he was the Pele` of West Africa.

    I think he mysteriously died on the pitch – ‘recree’ or right after a game – not too sure?

    Can some one please confirm or share his story?

    I do no think the young footballers even know who he was. Based on the stories I heard-In this era, DOMINGO would have been on one of the top European club without a doubt!


    Funniest player ever.. Gbana Loko? [img]smileys/smiley4.gif[/img]

    Those names really do bring back memories, unfortunately never saw most of them play.

    Also what is the deal on Gola queen? When was his time? And what was itabout him that made him such a household name? Such a legend … Therewere stories of him leaving the goal and heading off to by ‘pachgranat’ (roasted peanuts)… He’d come back and no one would havescored… [img]smileys/smiley4.gif[/img]


    Gola Queen- yes – i remember that name also- Not sure what his story was.. I ‘ll definitely consult my SL football historian…will definitely share with u…

    AvatarEbun Smart

    We have produced some good footballers however, the lack of investments is the most frustrating thing for any aspiring footballer. As an East End Lions man and the fact that we introduced Little John ‘Chidozi’ Johnson I have to say that he was one of best that country. I have to say that probably the Best Striker was – King Kama ‘de hunter’ Dumbuya.

    My other favourite player was Saidu Fox, I think he did well in his days, so did Tafawa who stayed at Lions when all our tops left for a club I cannot even bring myself to name.

    AvatarVictor Blell

    [QUOTE=Smartes21]My other favourite player was Saidu Fox, I think hedid well in his days, so did Tafawa who stayed at Lions when all ourtops left for a club I cannot even bring myself to name.[/QUOTE]


    Na Uda score pan lions, BLACKPOOL Ayeeeeeeea BLACKPOOL.

    Uda take the cup, BLACKPOOL Ayeeeeeeea BLACKPOOL.

    Uda get the best supporters, BLACKPOOL Ayeeeeeeea BLACKPOOL.

    Na uda nar the best team, BLACKPOOL Ayeeeeeeea BLACKPOOL.

    Sing along now.
    we beat them easten borbor, BLACKPOOL Ayeeeeeeea BLACKPOOL.

    we pull brade nar then mot, BLACKPOOL Ayeeeeeeea BLACKPOOL.

    The best team ever………….


    We say East-End Lions oh yay!! [img]smileys/smiley36.gif[/img]

    Remember the “Poda Poda beat Pajero” incident anyone?

    AvatarEbun Smart

    East Lions na we get football. Blackpool na we show dem the road. You know it was not Blackpool that affected Lions, it was the formation of the Republicans as usual dominated by Lebanese who were running the economy.

    EELions the only true red from Sierra Leone. We have done more for football than Blackpool, only St Edwards have helped a few young players.

    Lions for ever.

    AvatarVictor Blell

    AH dey joke, just wanted to see your reaction..
    I have never watched a game at the stadium…
    In fact the only time i have been tru stadium grounds is when i wanted to go jomp convent fence…for go watch variety show..

    Ha… those where the days..


    SB!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO–

    man, you nor wan day watch football nar stadium? U miss oh!

    & YES STAND 17 forever!

    AvatarEbun Smart

    Anyway the grass is too long in that stadium, but now need to get those Chinese back to fix it again.

    AvatarVictor Blell

    I thought it was stand 7 for ITAL man lek you?
    Behen score board, thats where everything was happening..

    Aye bo, we nor even able grow green grass now pass chinese den cam show we how..

    Maybe i should go to home depot or any other DIY store and buy a bookon landscape management for the stadium board.. or minister ofsports…

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