Beckham goes Hollywood

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    [quote]MADRID (Reuters) – Former England captain David Beckham will leave Real Madrid at the end of the season and sign a five-year deal for [b]MLS side Los Angeles Galaxy[/b], he told Reuters on Thursday.

    “This week Real Madrid asked me to make a decision regarding my future and the offer to extend my contract for a further two seasons,” Beckham told Reuters. [/quote]


    Well na Po’r’sh comot bush so – Next stop some Spice Girls reality showssoulsistaa2007-01-11 16:21:28


    thnk God he left Man U..[img width=46 height=51][/img]big and better things for the most handsome footballer of all time……….

    otolo dont say a word!!![img width=30 height=30][/img]


    most overrated footballer wey ah don ever see. Ah s=know say Otolo nor go lek for yeri dat


    overrated on the field maybe but not on his marketing brand. Football nowadays has more to do with advertising than skills on the pitch.

    Goodluck to him….atleast he’ll be having a good pension and enjoying his football academy.


    [QUOTE=W.J078]most overrated footballer wey ah don ever see. Ah s=know say Otolo nor go lek for yeri dat[/QUOTE]

    Actually Otolo kinda agrees (ask Posh… our forum posh!). Not the most overrated but one of the most overrated players. Pretty one dimensional but used to be the best crosser in the game once upon a time. 1999-2000 season was his best ever. He is a very likeable bloke who is more intelligent than a lot of people think. Good luck to him and whats left of his career.


    This is more of a strategic marketing signing for the MLS than anything to do with football…. the MLS could have easily signed Posh Spice to the same contract and the news media in America will have still buzzed the same way…

    also heard Posh Spice will be joining him in Hollywood….having said that–Will the real POSH SPICE please STAND UP [img width=32 height=23][/img]Cool-Runnins2007-01-12 14:20:47


    Yeah it wasn’t that bad of a deal for MLS ‘cuz apparently Addidas and AEG are footing a sizable portion of the deal and some 80% of it is tied to incentives. So apparently Becks is only guaranteed some 10 milion per year instead of the 50 milliion that is being quoted around, still a sizable amount for MLS. As long as Brand Beckham is able to sell a bunch of galaxy jerseys, addidas boots etc then all will be good[img width=17 height=17][/img]


    David Beckham back in the England squad…


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