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African Nations Cup…

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    So the Super Eagles weren’t uhmmm what’s the word …???

    Anyway Ghana v Egypt!!!

    Fancy Ghana winning really but…


    US $ 50 K and a 2 year ban on top of 2 deceased… The togolese team really do have some bad luck no?


    What are CAF thinking tho?


    This is too funny…

    [url=https://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/08022010/58/african-cup-nations-benin-sack-coach-staff-players.html]Benin sacks Coach, staff and players[/url]

    Leh all man go befo… lol..

    I think the same should be done to leane stars’ coach, staff and the FA esp that Kaddi guy….fredieddie2010-02-08 17:01:05

Viewing 4 posts - 76 through 79 (of 79 total)
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