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    Went looking for some stats on the Nations Cup and eventually found myself on the [url=]Leone Stars page on Wikipedia[/url]
    and also what appears to be the [url=]Official SLFA[/url] homepage (which apparently will be updated once a week) and also a [url=]SLFA Forum[/url]… just in case you’re interested.


    the only thing decent there is the wikipedia which seems to be updated recently the SLFA website is riddled with pop ups and viruses so be careful.. and the forum is non existant, thats were i started tell i found this its missing over 50 comment, theres no news updated no matches plaed etc… i got an email with this few months ago…

    “Thanks for your comments on SLFA website but we have been working on a new
    site therefore not a lot of focused was paid on
    the other site. Is there anything you think you can do to help SLAFA.”


    Egypt played a very good game as a team. Cameroun did a hard job and for that Samuel got the trophy as highest goal scorer.Keep it up man.SLAFA lets work because we have very good players.


    [b]Togo footballers shot in ambush[/b]

    A real shame that this had to happen before the matches had even begun. It’s like it was well timed and planned to disrupt the whole show. The tournament will still go ahead despite this security issue.


    Togolese just have the worst luck travelling in Africa for football.

    AvatarConrad Lisk

    [QUOTE=Otolo]Togolese just have the worst luck travelling in Africa for football.


    Apparently following the helicopter crash and now this latest incident, the Togolese FA’s merresin-man has just been sacked.

    Okay I made that up…



    Apparently following the helicopter crash and now this latest incident, [b]the Togolese FA’s merresin-man has just been sacked.[/b]

    Okay I made that up…[/QUOTE]

    [img width=17 height=17][/img]…wellll!

    Looks like they r heading home! RIP the deceased!

    I think the authorities should not have pulled them out!


    Am not sure if its best to start a new thread but here goes….

    African Nations Cup, who is your money on?

    The sad things is i dont even know what country is playing the other.. Una we dey watch football nar “lumley square” una go dey update we nor.. lol

    Mali made a brilliant comeback yesterday against the host.. Well done[img width=18 height=17][/img]fredieddie2010-01-11 15:44:47


    keeping up with the scores via sky score centre…Seems like malawi’s off to a good start against a algeria 3-0. Cote d’Ivoire and burkina Faso drew.

    Egypt v nigeria and mozambique v benin. am thinking Egypt! not sure abt the other 2

    True tho lumley sq people dem una tell we nor leh we sef get some pan di big screen hehehe


    The come will come back to West Africa, but too close to call.


    [QUOTE=poposalone]The come will come back to West Africa, but too close to call.[/QUOTE]

    Dont even mention Nigeria….


    No to de word that…
    [url=]Egypt 3 Nija 1[/url]

    Lets hope they pick up points from there other games.


    The matches I have managed to watch were good,especially Egypt v Mozambique..Cameroon v Zambia among others. Both exciting games.Look forward to more of those.
    I pray for the day when Salone will be represented in football on the international stage but in the meantime we can wear our national f/ball shirt with pride[img]smileys/smiley70.gif[/img]


    Dunno, i must admit i haven’t watched that many games in full… is it me or does the quality of football seem poor and games generally boring? Maybe things will start to pick up in the quarter finals.


    Not been following much mesef to be honest (just the scores to see who goes thru) and have heard that the matches have been quite poor… seen some poor quality goalkeeping and it seems the european based players just loose it when they play with their homebased teammates [img width=17 height=17][/img]
    I am hoping the QFs will be better. Could find the zeal to watch with some more time on me hands.

    The SL home shirt seems rather nice… hmm maybe get one one day

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