Re: As SLPP selects Maada Bio – Bring on 2012


Joyah borbor

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again, I think you misunderstood me. I am not talking about having more time in the political spectrum, I was leaning more towards people who have actually ran companies, or ran a govt office in the past. (I am not talking about someone who ruled under martial law for a few months). I am talking about those who have the right connections. Sierra Leone is close to bottom, and we have our work cut out for us, we need people who can get the job done, we are not like the US, we do not have govt insitutuions in place that will run properly regardless of who is the president.[/quote]

KamFam, lef for scratch me bo.
[url=]Rio Tinto paid the Guniean Government $700m settlement[/url] so they can start operations at a mine in Simandou that has iron ore deposits estimated at 2 billion tonnes.

Our government overrode existing mining laws to grant concessions to African Minerals with iron ore deposits estimated at 12 billion tonnes. All kin concession dae inside di agreement. That’s six times the estimated deposit at Simandou. If dem bin say sef unu gi we three times wetin Guinea bin get, we for still get $2.1bn for infrastructure, education, health care, etc. En we nor go need for deal wit donor again. But ar ya, we businessman government nor tink say dem for maximise shareholder value. As long as a few people get a few million dollars each, they’re willing to deprive the country of hundreds of millions (or billions) of dollars.

These people don’t know how to get the job done. Getting the job done means getting the most for your resources. Make ar nor tell you lie, dis wan na im morna me pass anytin. There is no reason why we should be robbed in broad daylight like that. Someone with the right connections would have had capable people do a proper valuation before agreeing to a contract. A proper business man would maximise shareholder (the people of Sa Lone) value. We for don learn by now bo. En dis na di tip of di iceberg.