Five things to do in Freetown during the Rainy Season

The rainy season is here and let’s face it, we all just want to stay in bed. This wet season in Freetown, July to September, is believed to be the most bland period of the year. With Schools closed for vacation and the rain pouring, most people and businesses tend to minimize activities, but if you are the daring type or just in need of activities to keep you engaged during this time; we’ve got you covered. Here is our special list of five activities you can do in the rainy season.    


Freetown is rich in history and monuments, but with it’s plethora of historic sights one that stands out is the Sierra Leone National Railway Museum at Cline Town. If you love locomotives and interested in History, vice-versa, then Cline Town is the place to be this rainy season. The Sierra Leone National Railway Museum, opened in 2005 in the old railway workshop, has on display historical locomotives, coaches,wagons and other equipment used on the railway.  The museum also shares rich historical facts from towns and cities the railway passed through while it was operational. This can be done at part of VSL’s Historical Tour of Freetown or on its own.


During the rainy season indoor activities are most appropriate, but Climb Sierra Leone offers you an outdoor activity, rock climbing, in a dry and conducive setting. Situated at Hill Station, Climb Sierra Leone is fun for adults and children, making it the ideal opportunity to get your kids away from their screens for a fun and exciting time during the rainy season.


The rainy season brings with it a serenity that makes it apt for journeying through history, and the Sierra Leone National Museum is the perfect place to make this journey. The national museum is home to some of Sierra Leone’s most precious artifacts and is one of the few places in Freetown you are assured of a detailed and accurate history of the city, and the country. Visiting the museum can be a family trip or a field day for an inquiring mind. This can be done at part of VSL’s Historical Tour of Freetown or on its own.


Many things come to a standstill during the rainy season, but not the creative minds of Freetown. The city is home to young and hip musicians, poets and a host of artiste, and the place to find them is at 71 Wilkinson Road, Two Guys Restaurant, every other Thursday for the city’s premier open mic night. If you love the spoken word, live music and the arts then rain the rain is no deterrent, TOK U TOK is always there for you.


We’re guessing our bodies are less active in the rains but that doesn’t mean you cannot healthy after all staying healthy in body and mind is a must. During the rainy season activities are less and schedules are flexible, so what better time to hit the gym or spread the yoga mat? There are currently a number of gyms and fitness clubs in Freetown, but there are three that stand out with regards to location and equipment.

Physio-Fitness, located along King Harman Road, hosts the premier karate school in the country offers aerobics and the nicely named “Belleh mus go” program. In addition to medical supervised programs for diabetes and high blood pressure patients. This gym is more targeted at people who want a lifestyle change rather than to build muscle.

Body Tech, located at the National Stadium (Stand 17), offers a state of the art gym, trainers and community of fitness enthusiasts.

Core Fitness Gym is also a state of the art facility with professional instructors and a thriving spinning enthusiasts and yoga communityThey are located on Wilkinson Road, easily accessible if you live in the west end of Freetown. So make your wellbeing a priority this rainy season.

Do you have a favourite spot in the rains which has not been mentioned, feel free to let us know.

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