Finally! Direct flights between Freetown and Banjul resume with Fly Mid Africa

Another casualty of the Ebola scourge was Gambia Bird, the airline which used to service Freetown to Banjul (and Senegal) route. Consequently, getting to The Gambia from Sierra Leone meant taking a ‘not so slight’ detour via Morocco. Or if you’re that way inclined, a 2 day trip by road.

Fly Mid Africa is the third new carrier after KLM Royal Dutch and Med View, to add Sierra Leone to their destinations.The cities currently on their route include Banjul, Accra, Freetown, Dakar, Monrovia and Lagos. Flights from Banjul to Freetown will arrive 2 days a week.

Considering the strong ties between Sierra Leone and The Gambia, this is a very welcome development and Visit Sierra Leone wishes them the best!

Flights can be booked through the VSL TRAVEL office. Get in touch by emailing, call +232 76 258 258 or visit 28 Main Motor Road, Congo Cross.