When I mentioned to people in Freetown,  and even Sierra Leoenans in London that I had been to Bonthe,  the first reaction is ‘You nor dae frade de wata?’. I cannot understand this fear of the sea from a people who were mostly born within the sound of the waves of the sea.  There must...
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In three years, I’ve probably passed through Lungi 18 times. On 17 occasions, I ventured no further than the airport, helipad, hovercraft launch, or ferry terminal. Once, I spent six hours in the Lungi Airport Hotel before my 5 a.m. Royal Air Maroc flight. Never did I consider exploring beyond that. But now I know:...
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A natural rope hammock, high on the wooden porch of a treehouse eco-lodge, overlooking a lush green valley and the mountains beyond… A morning mist blanketing the tropical forest terrain…The sounds of birds and insects, and the occasional call of a chimpanzee…Fresh air without the slightest trace of exhaust fumes or burning garbage or the...
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